Online program for alcohol problems: DAK Health in Bottrop offers free coaching "Vorvida"

Bottrop, 31 May 2019. Alcohol danger underestimated: four million
Workers in Germany have a risk
The consumption of alcohol. But there is still no supply of treatment,
start early. DAK health in Bottrop closes now
with the online offer "Vorvida", a supply deficit: the
completely new self-help program determines the
The consumption habits of the participants, shows the possible risks and
provides individuals with personal help and advice.
"Vorvida" reduces risky consumption after a current
Study up to 75%. DAK Health is the first
Health insurance company offering the program.
The program "Vorvida" pursues a concept which, compared to
Other online coaching is not based on categorical abstinence.
Instead, you need to create a sense of your own drinking and
this will then be reduced piece by piece. The offer aims
especially to people who are not dependent but drink less
want. "The large number of people with alcohol problems is
Alarm, "says Alexander Löhr of Bottrop's DAK Health.
"Nevertheless, until now, lack of supply and supply
Treatment services. Our offer & # 39; Vorvida & # 39; fill this gap
and innovates in prevention as an online self-help program. "
Online coaching "Vorvida" is mobile on smartphones and tablets
fully usable. It is also possible to access it via the digital health platform "Vivy"
to be used. All data is treated confidentially and not
past. With the insurance number and an e-mail address
DAK policyholders can now register for free. a
Registration is possible on