Evelyn Burdecki: Evgeny, dance partner "Let's Dance": "She wants to lose weight for nine weeks, it does not work"

Always in a good mood, always a casual saying on the lips: So, know the fans of the star "Let's Dance" Evelyn Burdecki. But she also has bad days, she confesses sincerely and honestly.

Evelyn Burdecki (30), star of "Let's Dance", travels a lot for her work. For the moment, training at the RTL Dance Show takes a lot of time and energy. In addition, there is the pressure you perform well at each show to progress one lap. Queen of the Jungle Evelyn was known for her witty lyrics. But now, she confessed in an interview: "I am very often alone."

The nice blonde has really made a quick climb, as you can see in the following video:

Burdecki: "Situations in which I cried"

In an interview with "Promiflash", she confesses: "My friends can not always be there, I am single and very often alone in hotels in Germany or elsewhere, and I have also had situations in which I live. I cried. "That's why their old life sometimes misses them, in which she was regularly surrounded by friends.

The dance show is also known for their hard training, as tumbling in some celebrities. Among the other actors, Faisal Kawusi (27) lost ten kilos. Only with Evelyn, the scale shows no inconvenience. In an interview with "vip.de", she says: "I gained weight because I eat a lot of chocolate, I eat pizzas, noodles (…)". That's why they always have stretched pants. Evgeny, a dance partner, adds succinctly: "She does not want to lose weight for nine months." In her silhouette, Evelyn did not necessarily lose weight anyway.

Romantic candlelit dinner with Evelyn Burdecki, but who is it feeding on?


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