"Smokers live very limited" – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Research experts are hoping for a new approach to the general ban on smoking.

Frastanz Just in time for World No Tobacco Day, to be celebrated tomorrow Friday, the Maria Ebene Addiction Skills Center in Frastanz has been awarded Gold Certification for its efforts to create a "Smoke Free Hospital" after the first one. money. At the same time, the work of prevention is more necessary than ever, as the number of smokers in Austria is increasing again, warns Primar Michael Willis and Wolfgang Grabher, officials of Clean in Bregenz.

A year ago, the general ban on scheduled smoking was canceled. What effect did this decision have?

Grabher It is very upsetting that this law did not come because it would have had an advantage on many levels, especially for young people who go out and continue to receive the lesson of elders. Even for people who have quit smoking, the risk of relapse is much higher when they smoke nearby.

One party announced another push. What do you think?

Grabher I think that a general ban on smoking would still be helpful anyway.

Willis Austria is one of the last countries in Europe not yet to have a general ban on smoking in the restaurant sector. It would be a great pain to delay it even longer.

There are now many alternatives to traditional cigarettes. They are not much healthier, is not it?

Grabher E-cigarettes or e-shisas are just as discouraged as cigarettes. It also contains active ingredients that can cause respiratory irritation and cancer, for example. This is not an alternative to smoking cessation. Often, only a change of addiction occurs, you stop with cigarettes and use electronic cigarettes or chewing tobacco, but it sticks to nicotine.

Willis The negative effects of smoking are many: cardiovascular disease with an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, lung disease and the damage caused by passive smoking are just a few examples.

What is the addictive potential of nicotine?

Willis Nicotine floods very quickly. As it is inhaled into the lungs, nicotine also reaches the brain in seconds and the reward system is activated. People who smoke have good feelings and always want to get them back.

What can be opposed to smoking in addition to the model effect?

Willis The model effect is the most important thing, whether it is parents or teachers. Even existing laws must be respected and enforced.

Grabher The prevention of addiction is very important. There are now very good programs.

Maria Ebene offers an outpatient and outpatient smoking cessation. What is the success of the measures?

Willis The success rate is measured very well at the request of the outpatient clinic. One in three patients comes for smoking cessation, or more than 300 people a year. The success rate of outpatient therapies is over 30%. For the smoking cessation of hospitalized patients, the rate varies between 40 and 50%. Meanwhile, more and more patients who are with us because of their alcoholism voluntarily quit smoking. It's rewarding because it saves you many additional medications.

What makes it difficult to stop smoking?

Willis Withdrawal is relatively easy to manage, it is difficult to prevent relapse. This is mainly a psychological problem. It is about managing external stimuli and rituals that have solidified over the years. But we can also say that the so-called hard among the smokers are clearly fewer.

How many years of healthy life can be achieved by not smoking?

Willis What matters most is the here and now and not what will happen in twenty years. If I stop smoking today, I lead a life without having to run after 20 cigarettes a day or find a way to smoke. The life of a smoker is very limited.

How important is World No Tobacco Day?

Willis This will probably become more important year after year, as this can make any smoker wonder if it is really necessary to smoke.

Grabher He is also on the verge of referring to smoking cessation offers, such as the smokeless phone, whose number appears on the cigarette packs underneath the shock images, but which is barely read. Unfortunately, the number of smokers in Austria is again increasing compared to too few tobacco control measures. The Tobacco Control Scale, an international study that assesses state measures in the area of ​​tobacco control in 35 European countries, shows how Austria is standing alongside Austria . Criteria include tax policies, smoking bans, information and education on smoking and more. Austria came in last place here.

Why are shock images no longer shocking?

Grabher Because repression always works well.

"It would be a great pain to delay a general ban on smoking longer."

"The number of smokers faces too few tobacco control measures."