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What is Zika? ZIKA Symptoms Treatment Infectivity

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Zika fever, Zika's disease or just Zika. is a disease caused by the genus Zika virus of the genus Flavivirus, the most famous virus of this genus is yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya and zika.
Sika is transmitted by the mosquito bite of the tribe of Aedes. It produces similar symptoms as other mosquito-transmitted diseases such as Dengs or chikungunya.
In addition to mosquitoes caused by mosquitoes, sexual transmission and perinatal vertical transmission (transmission from mother to child) may occur.

Zika virus infection is difficult to diagnose, based only on clinical indications and symptoms, due to similarity with other endemic arboviruses at similar sites.
The World Health Organization recommends testing for RT-PCR, a laboratory test.
Symptoms: Symptoms in 60-80% of cases
Symptoms are similar to those of the skin, but they are softer and usually last between two and seven days, although most (60-80%) have symptoms. There is an acute rash or rash that begins with the face or trunk, before moving to the rest of the body, and may be accompanied by fever, arthritis or arthralgia, conjunctivitis, muscle aches, headaches, back pain. and, to a lesser extent, vomiting and diarrhea. It can also cause haematopathy. (Blood sperm).
There is no vaccine against this virus
In general, the recommended treatment is symptomatic for pain and fever using analgesics
• Cover the covered skin with long sleeves and trousers.
• Use insect repellent
• If you are using sunscreen, first use a sunscreen, let it dry and then apply a repellent product.
• Use or process clothing and other items with permethrin. (Do not use permethrin directly on the skin).
• Stay and sleep in places and rooms that are closed or sheltered.
• Use mosquito nets or mosquito nets if the area you are sleeping is exposed to air.

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