Zika: History of the epidemic | DW Documentary 2

Zika: History of the epidemic | DW Documentary

2016 Zika virus has hit several Latin American countries, especially Brazil. WHO has announced a health condition. History

The report shows a global fight against the spread of the virus. Already in 2015 Scientists have noticed that Latin America often suffers from pregnant women. Soon the World Health Organization announced an international health crisis. The outbreak of the Zika virus was an epidemic, especially in Brazil. Children with microcephaly are born with a very small head and are often late for development as well as severe neurological diseases. In addition, in rare cases, infected persons also suffer from Guillain-Barré syndrome, a nerve disorder. In Brazil, the cases of Zika have been reduced, but the virus spreads elsewhere. In addition to Central and South America, South Florida, Asia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, as well as large parts of Indonesia, Maldives and India. Africa also has cases in Senegal and Uganda. Today scientists around the world are trying to prevent the spread of the virus. The report, based on scientific findings from epidemiology, entomology and virology studies, explains where the Zika virus originates and what it causes. The study is also looking for ways to fight the mosquitoes of the tribe of Aedes. This yellow fever transmitter requires only a small amount of water to lay and reproduce quickly. In Brazil, people were called to remove stagnant water bodies. This is particularly problematic in poor areas, as many lack sewerage and waste collection systems. From last year's Zika virus epidemic, hot working with the vaccine. First attempts open up new hopes.

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