The Future of Prosperity: Chat with Deepak Chopra 2

The Future of Prosperity: Chat with Deepak Chopra

In the world, people live longer. What are the most convincing ways to ensure a sustainable healthy life? The world-renowned author and speaker Deepak Chopra has been discussing important relationships between mind, immunity, genes and body in this exciting broadcast event. Chopra has explored how chronic stress and inflammation can harm immunity and health, and ultimately to give people who want to nurture their well-being in their lives. He also discussed how these insights are doing public health, especially as individuals and society face epidemics, environmental threats, superbugs, aging and other challenges. He has included in his new book Healing Self: a revolutionary new plan to release immunity and live a good life, with Rudolph Tanz, Professor of Harvard Neurology.

This special presentation of the forum was presented by dr. Chopra's conversation with World Carol hills, after a few brief comments. Dr. Michelle Williams, Dean of Harvard Chan School, welcomed the audience and presented the speaker.

This forum event was presented with PRI World and WGBH in 2018. September 12

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