In seven seasons, the Medical Center has drawn a track for a modern medical show, pulling the genre from western hospital soap operas to today's adult dramas. Chad Everett's role as a surgeon surgeon, dr. Joe Gannon, a MEDICAL CENTER, has regularly beat the taboos on television and faced today's challenges. With the help of Chief of Staff Paul Lochner (James Daly), Dr. Joe takes sexually transmitted diseases, scalpel happy docs, unethical investigators and abortions, at the same time wishing to be a guest star, including William Shatner, Walter Pidgeon, Dyan Cannon, Tyne Daly (James' daughter, daughter!), Mercedes McCambridge, Slim Pickens, Martin Sheen, Richard Thomas, Cicely Tyson and OJ Simpson. "MEDICINES CENTER" has been decisive and powerful, so this 6-disc, 26-episode season collections are waiting for the most popular return to the public.
Medical center fans are invited to visit Heartbeat, known as U.M.C., which inspired Edward Robinson's series, as well as Warner Archive Collection.