Human welfare is the only business Sadhguru 2

Human welfare is the only business Sadhguru

Sadhguru is an interview with Simon Kemp, We Are Social MD, about marketing, business, commerce, and the direction they've taken today. It offers a completely different perspective on how an economic machine can be designed to create a more sustainable and inclusive world.



Interview: So I think the first thing I wanted to take _____ (Unclear) and what I heard the most inspirational tomorrow was to you … you made a big difference between the strength inside and then the personality and identity we portray to the outside world. And I feel that … some of the biggest challenges we face as marketing and branding are that we spend a great deal of time thinking about how we portray ourselves to the outside world, but we don't really go ahead. From the experience you have with individuals about what you advise entrepreneurs and brands about how they can get started?

Sadhguru: See the main drawback of this process without trying to improve your performance.

Interview: Mhmm (specifying the agreement).

Sadhguru: It's like… You are from the UK, hmm?

Interview: Scotland, yes.

Sadhguru: Scotland. You're leaving Vauxhall and try driving it on the F1 track. It must break down. Instead of dreaming to win an F1 race, if you are setting up a machine that is capable of doing everything your intellect allows you to create, whatever kind of one you build, then it will do whatever it does. Whether it wins or not depends on what others have done (laughs). See if you won the race or not, just depends on whether other people are good or bad.

Interview: Mhmm (specifying the agreement).

Sadhguru: But when we do something, whether we are working on the greatest opportunity within us, or the smallest possibility, or somewhere in between, there is a big question.

Interview: Mhmm (specifying the agreement).

Sadhguru: And the biggest issue in human life – you do not know what your greatest opportunity is.

For every other being on this planet, nature has passed two lines through which they live and go. Man has only the bottom line, no upper line. So no matter what you become, you still don't know if you have been hit up or not. Only people who are interested in winning the race with other disadvantaged people (laughing) – they hit up

Interview: OK.

Sadhguru: Any real person exploring your nature will never know whether you have reached your peak, because there is still room, or… no matter what you do. So, the most important thing is the strengthening of the machine, the mechanism of this man. Whether you have won the race or not, whether you did it or not. If you have to reinforce it (on your own), everything you do will be strengthened. The people around you think you are a super person because everything you do looks different in quality than they can imagine. Not because you are going to… do better things than other people just because you missed the time to strengthen this thing (contact yourself).

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Yoga, Mystic and Vision, Sadhguru is a spiritual teacher with a difference. Retaining the combination of abundance and pragmatism, his life and work are a reminder that yoga is a modern science, vital to our time.

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