What is prosperity 2

What is prosperity

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Prosperity is often described as comfortable, healthy or happy

People who enjoy a high level of well-being are described as prosperous. In this context, prosperity means that one uses the feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and curiosity and can fully engage in what is happening around them

Prosperity also means that it works well in the world; a person has a positive relationship, has some control in his / her life and has a sense of purpose

Therefore prosperity is not just the opposite of bad; Just looking at what causes the disaster does not necessarily help us identify the factors that lead to prosperity

Many scientists in this field have worked for many years to better define well-being – many agree that it is a global assessment of a person's quality of life according to the criteria of their choice.

The World Health Organization agrees that it is a broad concept that has been severely affected by physical health, psychological state, personal beliefs, social relationships, and their relationship to the specificities of their environment.

The role of our environment and, in particular, our built environment is an important area of ​​research, as we spend up to 90 percent.

If we can build and build buildings that improve our well-being, why not?