8 Bizarre Medical Stories YOU START THAT Tiki is True!

The bizarre medical stories you don't believe are right! These strange health conditions and extreme deformities are shocking. People with health problems survived unexpectedly.

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8 A brain tumor surprise
2014 The 4-month-old baby boy in Maryland was tested for brain scan after doctors noticed that his head was growing faster than normal babies. They have discovered a brain tumor that has teeth-like structures. The baby was undergoing surgery, and after removing the brain tumor, the doctors found that there were several completely formed teeth inside. Later it was found that the teeth found inside the tumor are usually found in the jaw. It was found that the baby had a rare brain tumor called craniopharyngioma, which can grow more than the size of the golf ball but does not exceed.
7 "Strange Woman" Causes Heart Disease
Before, but also during pregnancy, she ate 1 kilo of baking soda per day. At the beginning of the 37th week of pregnancy, at the beginning of the 35-year-old, she began to feel weak and dizzy, so she went to the hospital. Initially, doctors diagnosed their legs with irregular heartbeat and muscle weakness, but later revealed that it also had a low amount of potassium, which was unusual. They started asking about their diet, but she did not mention this curious eating habit. She was admitted to the hospital and soon moved to the intensive care unit, creating a fast heart rate.
6 After a day the beach was left inside the eyelids
After spending the day at the beach, it was reported that a 52-year-old man left his bone inside his eye. When he happened, he sailed to the Red Sea. However, he later developed a dreopy swollen envelope that was not cured in a month and decided to visit a doctor. Initially after the imaging test, the doctors found a granuloma, an inflammation of his eyelids, which had to be removed. However, during the operation, they also removed two foreign transparent tubular structures that were later identified as fish bones.
5 Sudoku puzzles cause human seizures
The 25-year-old German had to give up his passion, solving Sudoku brainteasers, as he began to cause his seizures. It all started in 2008. November when he skied with a friend. He was saved by his friend, who was a paramedic. However, he had a femoral fracture, a ruptured spleen and muscle muscles in his mouth and legs. The seizures were because his brain lost oxygen for about 15 minutes. However, doctors prescribed anti-epileptic drugs to control their condition. rehabilitation institution.
4 Born with a hairy tumor upon his eye
A 19-year-old Iranian human eye tumor, which was good and from birth, retreated to doctors after tearing down some black hair. Scientists at Tabriz University of Medicine have been surprised to see hair follicles on the human eye because these cases are very uncommon. These tumors – called limbal dermoids – are very rare and may have tissues that are commonly found in another part of the body, such as sweat glands, cartilage, or hair follicles, researchers say. This man had a tumor since birth, and was about a quarter inch in size throughout the year. Limbal dermoids can cause visual impairment such as astigmatism or blurred vision. They can be surgically removed, but surgery does not create better vision.
3 The man removed 28 lb from his intestine
A 22-year-old man had months, perhaps even a year, of stools trapped in his gut. In addition, this condition pushes his organs to a very large size, which makes him appear pregnant. Doctors worked on it in 2017. June. They removed a 28 lb, 30 inch piece from their body, which was part of their colon that was filled with excrement.
2 After a stroke a person becomes too generous
49th Anniversary p. A from Brazil became unusually generous and had to have her financial life after a stroke of his wife. In addition, after his personality has changed, he was unable to resume his job as head of department in a large corporation. As his wife said, he started spending money on the kids he met on the street, buying candies, soda and fast food.
1 Eye condition causes hallucinations
2013 March. A 67-year-old woman went to the hospital for fear of losing her mind. She complained that she was faced with a strange facial vision. Initially, doctors checked two common causes of hallucinations or infections in the body. But they couldn't find anything like that. The medical staff asked the woman to illustrate her visions, and she drew her face horizontally with large teeth, ears and eyes.