What is a pharmacy?

A pharmacy means a profession or a profession, and this name, formed by the para prefix, followed by the word pharmacy, has some ambiguity.

First of all, you should know that the pharmacy is not a pharmacy, because it only sells products that are not related to health, so you can not find drugs or medical devices. Even if a traditional pharmacy may have a wing or parapharmacy, a pharmacy, it may not include the radius of drugs or medical devices, since the sale of these products is subject to strict conditions, including the presence of a pharmacist, when the drug or medical device is delivered.

Differences between pharmacy and pharmacy

The differences between the pharmacy and the pharmacy are numerous, and most importantly – the products that are sold there. In the pharmacy, we find only products of hygiene, aesthetics, comfort or dietary products, the sale of which is permitted without the presence of a pharmacist, and at the pharmacy it delivers medicines and products related to health and the sale of which is prohibited to other subjects except pharmacists.

Therefore, parapharmacy and parapharmaceutical products can be found everywhere: in supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, etc.

Another difference: diplomas. To maintain a pharmacy, you must be a qualified and licensed pharmacist, while you do not need to have any degree to sell pharmacy products. But you should know that many manufacturers of parapharmaceuticals provide only pharmacies and impose the need to sell their products only to pharmacists.

After all, pharmacies have a wider product range, because, in addition to selling pharmaceutical products, they can offer dietary products, medicinal plants, or even drugs that are prohibited for parapharmacy.

Attention to health and nutritional qualities

Some parapharmaceuticals, in order to increase their sales, resort to fraudulent practices, which consist of fraudulent claims to the therapeutic or dietary properties of parapharmaceutical products that they offer.

This practice is strictly prohibited by law and is similar to misleading advertising and fraud.

Health claims are displayed on the packaging of sold products or on posters presented in parapharma phrases and announcements that extol the quality of products, such as the mention of "antioxidant" or the mention of "enhances immune defense." ".

Nutritional or dietary claims are claims regarding the nutritional benefits of products such as “high fiber” or “light”.