The best men for the disabled

When a person has a disability, this will require special needs for his health and well-being.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether they are visually impaired, hard of hearing, motor impairment or otherwise, equipment is often very expensive and not everyone can afford to pay for it.

To do this, there is mutual health, which can cover the costs associated with any disability, it is still necessary to find a suitable mutual

Social Protection and Mutual Benefit

What supports social security

Health insurance covers more than half the cost for people with disabilities. A disabled person may be associated with a general health insurance system under the following conditions:

  • The person concerned is engaged in professional activities.
  • If the person is a beneficiary: the disabled person may be the beneficiary of another insured person, usually someone in the family, and therefore enjoy the same rights as the last one.
  • If the person is a disability benefit recipient for an adult (AAH)
  • If the person receives a disability pension
  • If a person receives a pension

If the disabled person does not depend on any particular plan, he or she can apply for coverage of universal coverage, which is the minimum coverage.

What mutual support

To complete the care that a disabled person can take, there are several possible solutions, even if it is not easy to find additional contracts, because here we are talking about significant costs and high risks.

There is a possibility to use an additional CMU if this person does not apply to AAH.

For the beneficiaries of an additional CMU, several mutual partners offer guarantees that are highly adapted to various pathologies and possible obstacles, such as Mutuelle Intégrance, April or Solidaris Handicap.

Guarantees that should be included in mutual for disabled

The cost of disability is very high, and compensation must be adapted to the care received.

Many mutual partners offer specific packages and will offer to pay medical expenses depending on the nature of the pathology.

Of course, there is no “standard” contract, you have to go there or find out by phone to choose the guarantees that this person really needs. As a rule, expenses associated with the equipment are maintained.

The proposals are particularly broad, making it easy to find a formula that will be personalized to suit the situation of the disabled: this way they will be sure that they will not pay too much for inappropriate expenses.

In addition, it is strongly recommended to find a solution for integrating a third-party payment service to make the process as simple as possible. Thus, for good coverage of equipment or medical expenses, it is necessary to choose a mutual agreement that will support the so-called “surcharge” and overspending.

The importance of comparing mutual

Obviously, it is not easy to find an organization that is ready to cover the handicap, especially if it is associated with a large number of risks, as mentioned above. The best way to find a good reciprocal contract that corresponds to the level of contributions and refunds, as well as the various guarantees offered, is very important for comparing the reciprocal of all. You can go to the site or watch online comparators, and in just a few clicks you will get all possible and imaginable quotes.