South African Red Tea Slimming Recipe – so many other benefits!

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Elsa Duval, a veteran naturopath, publishes a secret recipe for South African red tea that promotes weight loss – among many other benefits!

The five ingredients that you can find in any supermarket can make it easy for you to lose 5, 10 or even 15 kilograms … without taking them back!

PARIS, December 28, 2018 – Elsa Duval, a naturopath nutritionist, today publishes Detox-Eau Rouge, a detoxification program that relies heavily on red tea with incredible strengths: detoxification, weight loss, appetite suppression, and conditioner.

The recipe for this tea Elsa sent to South Africa, gaining 18 kg during a severe pregnancy. It is impossible to restore the slim figure of her pregnancy, despite her status as a naturopath (and therefore, a medical worker!), Elsa understood that the traditional methods of weight loss were incomplete, and was looking for a new solution that would work for everyone.

And she found it: toxin withdrawal
The body constantly absorbs toxins that come from our diet and the environment in which we live. These toxins, also known as free radicals, can be very difficult to eliminate, especially if we lead a poor lifestyle.

But the body has a smart defense mechanism to protect against toxins that it can no longer eliminate: it accumulates them in fat cells!

In other words, the more we eat "contaminated" food, the more toxins accumulate in our body and the more fat cells becomes larger and more cumbersome … So, the more we grow.

Thus, the removal of toxins allows you to restore the balance of hormones in the body, revitalize the body and get rid of excess fat mass.

Elsa began by checking her detox drink on herself and for a few weeks was able to get rid of the kilos received during pregnancy. She subsequently cleared many scientific studies to confirm and attest to the effectiveness of her prescription before offering it to her clients.

The results met his expectations: they all lost weight without taking him back.

Eau Rouge detox is a weight loss program suitable for everyone. It is suitable for people who play sports or those who do little exercise.

Red tea can be consumed anytime and anywhere. Its production is simple and quick, its 5 ingredients are natural and can be bought at any supermarket for an inexpensive amount.

In addition, the program does not require any major changes in your lifestyle and does not subject you to any restrictions.

Positive reviews for this product are numerous. Those who tried it are satisfied with its effectiveness. Nutritionists and doctors recommend it to their clients and patients who cannot follow draconian diets or who are looking for effective results in the long term.

==> Come and discover red tea with these 5 natural ingredients to easily lose weight!

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