Public Health in France launches vaccination promotion with health workers 2

Public Health in France launches vaccination promotion with health workers, an institutional immunization reference site, provides factual, practical and scientific information that answers questions from the public, including health professionals. It discusses vaccinations available in France in all their aspects. Since its launch in 2017, its goal has been to accurately respond to inquiries in the context of spreading false information, particularly in social networks. The site has “Pro Space”, specially designed for medical professionals, indispensable players in vaccination. Since its inception, it has greatly enriched itself and is now available in the full version. To improve visibility and become a guide for professionals, Public Health France launches an information campaign in a specialized press.

“Pro Space” specially designed for medical professionals

Public Health in France launches vaccination promotion with health workers 3 is a reference site for vaccinations in France, developed under the auspices of public health in France and supported by government agencies. He collects nearly 5 million unique visitors since its launch in March 2017. In 2018, it was enriched with a space specifically designed for medical professionals. This “Pro Space”, implemented by independent scientific experts, is now available in its full version. It aims to support professionals in their daily practice and helps them answer questions from their patients.To do this, it includes the latest information on vaccinations: a vaccination calendar, data and scientific opinions, changes in legislation, vaccines available in France, etc. Consisting of 7 sections, it offers reliable information on all aspects of vaccination from legal before the scientist, through practical issues. This space, like the rest of the site, is intended for regular updating and enrichment.

Campaign to inform health professionals

The campaign aims to raise awareness of Pro Space and support medical professionals (doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, etc.) and immunization participants by providing them with tools to answer patient questions. , She is visible from January 26 until March 3, 2019 on websites and in print editions of the professional trading press,

New: a section for analyzing the main contradictions broadcast on social networks

Vaccination against hepatitis B and multiple sclerosis, MMR vaccine and autism, the dangers of aluminum in adjuvants … In recent years, controversy has emerged in the media and social networks. Some of them are still circulating and causing concern among the population, but it is not easy to find reliable answers based on scientific knowledge. The “Controversy” section allows you to return to the main controversy regarding vaccine safety.This provides an objective analysis of the facts and allows you to learn more about the source of certain information.

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