Organic online store, fast-growing market

According to Agence Bio, in 2017, “the cost of purchasing organic food increased by 17% compared to 2016. It is estimated that it amounts to 8.4 billion euros or 4.4% of national consumption. ” Consume better, healthier, take care of yourself, all the factors that play in favor of organic matter for several years, and studies show this: the consumption of organic matter in France is increasing every year. Thus, brands such as retailers are trying to satisfy this demand as widely as possible. But it’s not always easy to find what you are looking for at a reasonable price, whether in the "bio" departments of supermarkets or specialty stores. So a new type of distribution appeared to meet the demand: an online store of organic products.

Online Organic Shop Explosion

Food, beauty and hygiene, well-being, home, baby … Categories offered in organic online stores in the image of Relaisbio are the same as in a regular store. Even the fee is not the limit of home delivery, which has led to a real explosion of this type of distribution. The offer offered by environmentally friendly players has no limits. Moreover, this type of sales system allows you to communicate and raise consumer awareness with the help of ideas and tips to consume better, more sustainably, more eco-friendly, to lead him to a new lifestyle and consumption, this is not the only advantage (for example, Health Tip magazine tells about the benefits of organic food supplements for pregnant women)!

The benefits of bio online

The first advantage of the online store of organic products is its wide range. Indeed, some large retailers simply offer an organic version of their regular products, as well as some so-called natural brands. Specialty stores will have more choices, but they will be the same brands and products throughout the year. For online stores of organic products everything is different, the choice will be much wider, as brands, sometimes unknown to consumers, deserve special attention. In addition, it will be easier to learn about the commitment of the brands offered, about the use of products, as well as their quality thanks to the content offered on the site and the opinions of consumers.
Secondly, the commitment to an organic online store will be easier to perform, since communication with the latter will be carried out exclusively on the Internet, which will give the consumer an opportunity to understand what is important for the brand and what it offers in this sense, for example, environmental efforts in terms of or delivery method aimed at limiting the carbon footprint.
Organic will often not be the only offer that is offered, but also a product for a more economical and environmentally friendly life that supports the new mode of consumption proposed by the site. There will often be explanations about what kind of good gestures need to be purchased, or about the effect of various labels on products, for example.
Finally, a great advantage of the Internet is that during the year you can hold exceptional promotions and flash sales, which will allow you to benefit from attractive prices.

Organic online store is more than just a store, it offers access to organic products, but also to get all the tools to consume them differently and to understand the benefits of this new way of consumption.