Mosquito magnet reviews France - mosquito co2 device 2

Mosquito magnet reviews France – mosquito co2 device

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Mosquito Magnet reviews France – High quality gas mosquito trap

Mosquito Magnet anti-mosquito solution provides optimal results.

Mosquito magnet: simple and fast to install

Its implementation is a breeze. Connect the gas bottle with butane gas, insert the cartridge with attractant, place the mosquito net and connect the device to an electrical outlet. You left the month of protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the effect is instant, so you can enjoy its effect whenever you want.

Advantages of mosquito magnet

The mosquito magnet is CE certified, non-toxic and does not pollute the environment. Thus, your children and pets can use only a magnetic gas device against mosquitoes. In addition, it only affects mosquitoes. So ladybugs and butterflies can always come to your garden.

Flames not generatedmagnetic mosquito deviceBecause of this, it can work in any weather.

eventually mosquito magnet absolutely silent and odorless. After installation, you can forget about it for a moment.

Mosquito magnet care

The mosquito net needs to be replaced when it is half full. Once the new one is in place, you will only need to wash the previous one manually to plan its next use.

Then the gas cylinder and cartridge attractant are changed every month for optimal efficiency.

Pege against co2 mosquitoes

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