Major wines in France

In France, the wine regions are numerous and are covered during events such as tastings, trade shows or auctions offered by Baghera Wines. This is a team of dedicated experts who, since 2015, have been offering superb wines from the international collection.

Major wines in France

Famous wines of eastern France

Alsace has the oldest wine route since 1953. Every year it attracts many tourists who want to try:

  • Riesling
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Pinot Gris
  • Kremant

Alsace is also a popular region for late picking and fruit notes.

Typical Burgundy wines

This region, which was also the focus of attention last September at a meeting organized by Baghera Wines, has a registered designation of origin, namely the Grand Cru. The best wines are accompanied by the term AOC, it is a pledge of quality, very important for connoisseurs. Whether for a special occasion or for the pleasure of enjoying a good bottle, you can discover:

  • Cat Chalonnes
  • Côte de bon
  • Nights of St. George
  • Puluny Montréche

Lovers often find it difficult to find a quality wine that develops interesting flavors. Exhibitions are very important, like last February. Vinovision vineyards in the north of France offered a second edition for collecting on the Versailles Porto in Paris the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Alsace or Champagne. So 5000 specialists could open the catalog of 500 exhibitors.

Inherent wines from the Bordeaux region

This region is rather atypical because it has a classification established in 1855 by Napoleon III. Made for sale price of wine. The latter are thus ranked from Premier Grand Cru Class to Fifth Grand Cru Class. Only connoisseurs really appreciate these criteria, since beginners pay more attention to their reputation. Therefore, they have the pleasure to try Pomerol, Saint-Émilion or Medoc, or even Côte de Bordeaux, which remains a must for this wine-making region.

Wines for the rest of France

Of course, Alsace, Burgundy and Bordeaux are the main regions that attract the attention of professionals, but it is even better to prove French wealth in the light of these figures:

  • In Beaujolais 12 names and 15 819 hectares of vines.
  • 2200 hectares are grouped in Savoy, which has 3 names
  • Jura combines 7 names and 2,000 hectares of AOP vines.

During an auction organized by Baghera Wines or an event such as the Agriculture Salon, you can discover the flavors of Côte du Roussillon or Côte de Provence.
To discover prestigious wines, you need a well-known company. Baghera Wines provides its know-how for amateurs during events in Geneva and in different cities of the world. Master classes, tastings and auctions are important dates. The next meeting is also an exceptional event. The auction by Henri Jaera, organized by Baghera Wines, will take place on June 17 in Geneva and will be dedicated to the latest bottles of Pinot Noir Masters. Find more information on their Linkedin website. Www.incompany/baghera-wines-auction-&-trading-sa.