ipaces.fr, a new e-learning platform for students at PACES. 2

ipaces.fr, a new e-learning platform for students at PACES.

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A new e-learning platform for students in PACES welcomes a large number of users during the month. The ipaces.fr website is designed to help students succeed in the so-called difficult PACES competition.

The platform offers students a variety of modes that allow them to train daily. Free registration gives them access to 10 questions per day and 1 exam per week by registering at a place dedicated to their university.

The premium offer allows the user to access 10,000 questions and all platform exams. The audit mode also becomes available with the Premium Offer, and offers to consider issues that students could not.

The feature of ipaces.fr is to offer a unique social aspect. A student may occupy a place among his friends and among other users of his university. He may also have an overview of his personal statistics in order to progress at best.

Platform questions are written by former PACES students who are motivated to help new generations by integrating the program of recent years. ipaces.fr is now available in all Internet browsers and will soon be available in the mobile version.

Platform website: www.ipaces.fr/en/landing
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ipaces.fr/
Instagram: ipaces.fr
Twitter: ipaces_en

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