In ultraviolet she loses her hearing 2

In ultraviolet she loses her hearing

This tragedy occurred on the body of poor 43-year-old Anthea Smith. A woman's ear has recently been amputated due to a skin disease caused by too long use of ultraviolet cabins. What scares many women. This proves that UV is not without consequences.

In ultraviolet she loses her hearing

She used UV since she was 14

Remember that UV radiation tans and makes your skin less pale. This 43-year-old mother began to conduct ultraviolet sessions at the age of Only 14 years oldRelatively early age to want to change his appearance. Arriving in 2010, she noticed a strange ball on the ear. It's okay, she thought, because doctors diagnosed this size as a wart.

Unfortunately, little by little this ball turned brown, becoming almost black. Thus, Boipsie showed that she suffers from aggressive melanomaThis melanoma is located near the left ear, lymph nodes, temporal bone and salivary glands.

Exhausting operation

Anthea had to go two operations and 32 sessions of radiation therapy. These debilitating operations meant that the mother now wears a prosthetic ear. She lives with constant problems with balance, numbness of the face and tinnitus. In addition to this, Anthea lives with the likelihood that this skin cancer will reappear. After this painful experience, it was logical to condemn the danger of UV booths.

For years, she naively believed that the tanning beds inflicted by these UV lamps did not pose such a big health hazard. “We were all naive when we had to prepare our skin for the sun before the holidays,” she said.

So she now proclaims her country the United Kingdom ban all tanning bedss. She also wants a lot more warning on this issue.

It is better to tan naturally, than to continue ultraviolet rays.