In India, a man woke up during his funeral. 2

In India, a man woke up during his funeral.

This is an unusual story that happened in India, in the countryside of Rajasthan: an old man declared dead … woke up in the middle of his own funeral. He told his family that he "just took a nap."

95-year-old man wakes up during his funeral

Budh Ram, who lives in Bhaktanvanan Ki Dhani, India, is 95 years old. Once on Saturday afternoon, he collapses after chest pains, and since he does not wake up, his family decides to call a private doctor to examine him.
After inspection, the sad sentence falls: the old man is declared dead.

Therefore, the Budh Ram Gujar family organized his funeral in accordance with tradition and, in particular, appealed to the priest with a request that the waking investigation should take place on the very day of his death.

In India, a man woke up during his funeral.

According to the eldest son of the family, Badu Ram, interviewed by The Times of India, the ceremony went off without a bitch:

The priest began the rituals, and the barber had already shaved the skulls of the male family.

But when his family began to pour cold water on his body, Budh Ram miraculously returned from the dead to the surprise of all.
When asked, the old man said that his chest ached, and therefore decided to take a nap so that he would pass.

As a result, Budh Ram and his family could participate in the Diwali festival in joy and cheerfulness, which could not have happened without this happy ending.