General practitioners are unanimous regarding vaccination according to a new survey by the College of General Medicine and Public Health in France

One year after the expansion of compulsory vaccinations for babies, what do general practitioners think about this law and about vaccinations in general? The College of General Medicine (CMG) in collaboration with the Public Health of France asked them these questions and today presents the results of his research on the occasion of 13go Congress of General Medicine, which takes place from 4 to 6 April in Paris.

Over 99% of general practitioners advocate for vaccination

In February and March 2019, about 800 general practitioners responded to a survey by the College of General Practice and Public Health of France about their perception of vaccination and the extension of the commitment to vaccination. Almost all interviewed doctors (99.6%) were in favor of vaccination in general., Among them one third say they have doubts about certain vaccines (33%): first against rotavirus (24%), then against human papillomavirus (22%). GPs were also interviewed regarding their own vaccinations and reported (86%) that they were vaccinated against influenza this season.

Make new vaccines mandatory: the measure is perceived quite positively.

Increased commitment to vaccination is considered a positive indicator by three-quarters of general practitioners (75%)For 41% of general practitioners, the law simplifies their relationship with their parents, while 46% believe that this has not led to changes. Today, information from government agencies and health workers from parents is important, since almost half of the doctors surveyed state that they have not noticed a decrease in parents' reluctance since the introduction of the new law.

General practitioners, key players of the immunization week

Vaccination remains the most effective intervention against many infectious diseases, this simple and indisputable observation will be at the center of communication between government agencies and their partners on the occasion World Immunization Week, April 24-30General practitioners can rely on the tools offered by the College of General Medicineone and French Public Health as part of its campaign (leaflet, campaign booklet, catalog of other proposed documents). They can also go to the section for professionals of the site., a vaccination reference site that provides factual, practical, and scientific information. Pro Space, created by independent scientific experts, aims to support professionals in their daily practice and help them answer questions from their patients.