France's public health launches Geodes, a dynamic cartographic observatory providing access to key health indicators

As part of its surveillance, prevention and surveillance missions, public health in France produces public health indicators from various surveillance systems, epidemiological surveys of the general population, behavioral surveys and public health databases. Medical and administrative data. This data collection is subject to regular analysis and publication. In order to make them more visible and facilitate their access to the general public and, in particular, to all health care providers, France’s public health services today are launching Geodes, a dynamic web platform that gathers most of the health indicators it produces. This unique tool allows the user to visualize this information in the form of dynamic maps, tables, and graphs / time series.

Geodes, progress in returning surveillance data

One of the missions of Public Health France is to develop indicators useful for decision-making and action in the field of public health, by adapting to social, digital and scientific developments and tasks. So far, indicators have been reported in scientific newsletters or publications. Geodes Observatory is responding to strong desire for transparency and modernity by providing simplified free access to many agency indicators.

Users will be able to thanks to this platform, available online:

  • Go to more than 300 indicators on 40 topics
  • Make comparisons between regional and national indicators
  • Have the technical details of each indicator: source, update period …
  • Download cards and data and share them on social networks
  • Focus on each indicator on the thematic page. french public health website
  • Data import in geodes and compare them with those of public health in France.

“Géodes is one of the showcases of the agency and, in particular, the indicators it produces. This evolutionary platform is aimed at providing healthcare providers with increasingly transparent indicators that are becoming increasingly geographically relevant at the regional, departmental and municipal level. ” highlights Francois Bourdillon, director general of public health in France

Geodes, an evolutionary platform in the service of users

Géodes combines many of the indicators available at the agency, including:

  • 70 specific surveillance systems, for example, to detect diseases.
  • Syndromic observation (data on emergency situations, doctors, deaths)
  • Reviews such as the French Public Health Barometer, Esteban, Elf, …
  • Partner data (National Health Data System SNDS, surveys, registries …).

The platform is intended primarily for medical professionals, institutional investors, researchers, epidemiologists, journalists, associations, and students. It aims to provide them with indicators that are becoming increasingly geographically satisfactory to meet their expectations. This elegance was made possible, in particular, through the use of data from the NSDS (medical and administrative databases) that can provide information at the municipal level. " We have integrated most of the agency’s indicators, and the platform will continue to grow. geode collective and transversal agency project " explains Yang Le Strat, director of support, data processing and analysis (DATA).

Geodes, simple and intuitive use

The Geodes platform unites most of the topics related to public health in France. it diseases and injuries The agency controls (bronchiolitis, influenza, diabetes, etc.) and health determinants collected during health behavioral surveys (tobacco, vaccinations, work accidents, etc.), grouped under two trees.
Geodes allows you to implement real-time requests about diseases and determinants throughout France and provides an opportunity to monitor the health status of the population in the region and compare the regions with each other.
Documents generated by various requests (maps, tables, summary charts) can be downloaded or printed. Maps can be used as links, embedded in a web page or in social networks.
To simplify the management of this tool, France’s Public Health has created tutorials in the form of video tutorials : tool presentation, tool functionality and two typical user paths.

To learn more : Go to Geodes

Video tutorials are available from YouTube Public Health France.