Financial players take care of their employees with Concilio

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Financial players take care of their employees with Concilio

Personnel Innovations: 4 major financial players have chosen a digital health platform as part of their talent retention policy.

Paris, April 2, 2019. Caring for the health of employees and their loved ones to improve the efficiency of the company: this is the task of Concilio, the European pioneer in integrated healthcare. Concilio has already contracted 75 companies in France and abroad to support more than 60,000 rights holders in dealing with health issues, and announces the signing of four contracts with key players in the financial sector: Ardian, Astorg, Financière Arbevel and Sofinnova. Now their employees have access to Concilio's online health services: a special medical team, recommendations from doctors adapted to their health problems, fast RDV services, teleconsultations with specialist doctors and general practitioners.

4 key players in finance choose Concilio to attract and retain talent: a new way to work on an employer brand
Recruitment and retention of talent is a serious problem in the financial sector. In full development, with the flourishing of the “Startup Nation”, private investment companies are striving to combine the efforts of their teams.
To provide differentiated services to their employees and future recruits, independent investment companies Ardian, Astorg, Arbevel and Sofinnova urged Concilio to put the health and health of an employee at the center of their human resources strategy.

“If our employees are not in the best physical plane, they will not be mentally at best, and this will affect their daily lives, their work and, consequently, the company's performance,” said Christoph Blanche, CFO Sofinnova Partners, European finance leader startups, side and revolving operations in the life sciences. “Concilio provides them with quick access to medical appointments when they need them, real observation and effective advice from doctors. We feel in good hands. "
HR innovation through medical expertise

Thanks to Concilio, employees receive medical supervision for the whole family (spouses, parents, children), which is provided by a specialized medical team and works around the clock, even while traveling or on vacation. The platform includes more than 20,000 doctors in 60 countries and 2,600 cities around the world, and all of them are independently recommended by their colleagues. Each employee has a dedicated and secure web space. Concilio, while maintaining confidentiality, stores all data on an approved host.

About Consilio

Concilio, founded in 2015 by Dr. Florian Reynaud and Georges Aoun, is a European pioneer in comprehensive healthcare.
The mission of Concilio, in which more than 20,000 doctors recommend their colleagues, is to open the door to medical excellence by providing access to better health anywhere in the world and at any time.

The platform, both digital and human, offers its users four very high quality medical services: the search and recommendation of doctors; make appointments as soon as possible; teleconsultations with generalists and specialists; check and full check.

In the service of the user, Concilio is also a real asset for companies. Improving access to care for employees and their environment has a positive effect on the economic performance of companies. This is an innovative personnel decision.
– Concilio is an active member of the RH Lab, Association Act 1901, whose mission is to promote innovative HR
– In order to double its workforce this year, Concilio is in the ranking of French top 200 web companies that are hiring in digital format in 2019.
State: 15
Set 2019: 30
Doctors recommend them to peers: 20 000
Covered pathologies: 5000
Covered countries: 60
Fundraising: 5 million euros.

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