Efficacy of e-cigarette demonstrated smoking cessation

An electronic cigarette will be twice as effective in combating smoking as nicotine patches and gums, according to a study published in the Medical Journal of New England, which recommends including these products in anti-cancer campaigns. to smoke

Efficacy of e-cigarette demonstrated smoking cessation

This is the first study of this magnitude, conducted on the comparative effects of various cigarette substitute products. A total of 886 patients in London, followed by an international scientific team for a year, were published on January 30 and promote the use of electronic cigarettes in public health policies.

At the beginning of the experiment, patients could choose between electronic cigarettes, gums, and nicotine patches in order to accompany them during the weaning period. A year later, 18% of subjects who chose an e-cigarette did not start smoking, compared with 10% of those who switched to gums and patches.

In parallel, a study published in the Medical Journal of New England shows that different nicotine substitutes cause different side effects. E-cigarette users also get more irritation in their throats when users of patches and gums experience nausea, coughing and mucus.

Based on these results, the authors of the study recommend including electronic cigarettes in publicly available tobacco control programs. It is regrettable, however, that the study did not include tobacco, which should be heated before this comparative analysis, as its supporters promote its ability to offer an alternative to smoking.

Given that these products, especially popular in Japan, but still in their infancy in Europe, have recently appeared on the market, we can imagine that they will be taken into account in future scientific research of this type.