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SunTech Medical, a provider of technologies and products for monitoring blood pressure (BP) at the clinical level, presents the CT50 Vital Signs Monitor, which provides reliable readings of blood pressure, SpO2, and temperature of infants, children, and adult patients. This system of continuous monitoring of vital signs performs automatic measurement of blood pressure and non-invasive pulse oximetry for medical professionals.

A quick and accurate diagnosis of hypertension can be a matter of life and death in some cases; therefore, access to reliable, accurate and affordable devices is fundamental. SunTech Medical releases the CT50, which provides reliable and accurate measurements using industry-leading clinical grade technology. Thanks to innovative features such as mid-range PA, digital thermometer and pulse oximetry, the system has an intuitive touch-screen interface based on SunTech PA AdvantageTM technology. The monitor has an averaging mode that allows doctors to automate the process of averaging and averaging several BP readings. Protected by SunTech technology, this process improves the quality and accuracy of PA measurements performed by medical professionals and reduces the overall effect of “lab coating”.

In France, 7.6 million people struggle with hypertension; 25% of the population is over 35 years old. Hypertension is the most important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in both men and women, with the prevalence of the disease increasing with age at an alarming rate. The ability to easily diagnose hypertension in an accelerated environment is crucial. Health professionals should continue to detect hypertension through regular examinations, assessing target organ damage or cardiovascular risks, and investigate the causes of secondary hypertension.

Anna Limethong, deputy procurement director for the French community, distributor of SunTech Medical, explains: “SunTech Medical is aware of the difficulties that may arise in diagnosing hypertension. This is why the CT50 was designed to help healthcare providers accurately measure APs with each examination. Clinical diagnostic devices from SunTech help make diagnostic tests for hypertension easier, faster, and more accurate. ”

This innovative vital signs monitor is easy to use thanks to an intuitive user interface with a touch-sensitive LCD screen for fast processing when measuring patient blood pressure. The CT50 also has built-in memory that can accommodate over 1,000 patients and 5,000 measurements. Thanks to its well-developed internal memory and the ability to transmit information about the patient, this device is easily integrated into the clinical workflow with a short break in the vital time needed to care for the patient.

The CT50 can also be used with the SunTech Medical CT40, providing additional support for healthcare professionals. CT40 is the ideal and economical solution for measuring blood pressure and vital signs in hospitals and clinics in a clinical setting. This innovative vital signs monitor allows physicians to modify the device during use, including the addition of thermometry and an SpO2 module, depending on the needs of the patient. The CT40 guarantees optimum quality with SunTech Medical PA AdvantageTM technology.

SunTech Medical has been a leading provider of high-quality blood pressure monitoring technologies and products for over 30 years. For more information, please visit www.suntechmed.com.

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SunTech Medical, headquartered in the United States, in the Golden Triangle of Research in North Carolina, specializes in the continuous development of technologies and products for monitoring blood pressure in the interests of customers, patients, employees and shareholders.
SunTech Medical promotes clinical blood pressure measurement technology and offers innovative products that improve patient care. SunTech Medical specializes exclusively in the development and improvement of state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the most accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements.

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