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Small boost or big bump in c. we sometimes need to enhance ourselves physically and mentally. "Acros" abbreviations and formulas in 3, 4 or 5 letters, easy to remember will help us.
A few examples …
1 – Who has never been annoyed by traffic jams in Paris and elsewhere? I confess that I participated in the concerts of evil horns. But it was before! From now on, I speak dry, how dry, and I remain calm, patient, and serene.
Shopping mall blowing and digging – belly to exhale; which automatically leads to great inspiration and bloating of the abdomen, quickly calms us down, we remain the master of ourselves!
2 – Ye A Tired … I woke up with this YA M! Back pain and teeth simultaneously; it is raining and cold outside; And the banker, who will probably call for the unfortunate little discovery … This desire: to stay under the covers.
So I told myself, the CEO: full thanks! Full of gratitude to Life, Fate, future life … Yes, thanks to life, since I still breathe, I can have breakfast, my dog ​​puts his truffle on my knee to encourage me, I can still reflect on my work project and my relatives are present! When I move my CEO, NM returns.
3 – I was hoping that a “buddy” could help me as a result of an unforeseen banking problem. I knew that he had just received "crazy money" after the inheritance. Well, no, I was wrong! So I told myself DOP.
DOP, is it “disappointed? Open“ Positive. ”The one whom I thought was really ready to do anything to help me turns out to be damn great. Now I know who to stop counting. And even more positively, I found that in“ troubled relationships "there was her heart in her hand!
In addition, the e-book "Accelerating Books", which has just appeared in Amazon, has 40 mentally "intoxicating" in everyday life, when it goes pretty well, and when it's really bad … or just to meditate.
A small practical guide to downloading to a computer, tablet, smartphone. Read, test and practice anywhere on your own.

E-Book Booste (u) – Eric Jean Carl – on – 4.99 E.

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