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On Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 4:00 pm, Jean-Claude Vilmen, President of the Community of Agglomeration Creil Sud Oise, began the official launch of the “ACSO Water”, a water mark in the territory. He was accompanied by Jean-Michel Robert, vice-president of the conglomeration community of Creil Sud Oise, surrounded by many restaurateurs of the agglomeration associated with this process. The challenge is to encourage more people to consume tap water due to its advantages, both in quality, and in financial and environmental terms. The appointment took place at the restaurant Flora – Allée Nelson in Creil.

The desire to build public confidence in tap water consumption while retaining its purchasing power inspired the Creil Sud Oise community to the initial idea of ​​creating a local brand. for drinking water. Promoting “water from AOHC” helps to draw the attention of residents to the many benefits of its consumption. In fact, the quality of water offered to residents is subject to rigorous double control. It is monitored more than once a week in laboratories approved by the Regional Health Agency Hauts-de-France, as well as by the delegate of Suez Eau France, which ensures its impeccable sanitary quality. Tap water also costs 100–300 times less than bottled water, which allows people who consume it to save considerably. Finally, waste management is a major environmental issue at the environmental level. Each liter of water consumed directly from the faucet restricts transportation and production of plastic or glass waste.

The promotion of this “AOHC water” is accompanied by animation throughout the year by AOHC and its delegate Suez Eau France. At public events, a water bar is set up to answer residents' questions and inform them about the benefits of drinking tap water. Bottles with flowers of the brand are also distributed in restaurants of the territory that support the process.

Protecting water resources, which provide living space for more than 110,000 inhabitants, is a priority for the urban community of Kreyl-Sud-Oise. She also seeks to provide everyone with access to water, a vital resource. Thus, the management of the delegation of contracts for utilities water supply and sewage in the Suez region of France in the form of an interested management agency offers ASOA greater freedom of action to keep the cost of m3 of drinking water at a lower level.

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