Alcohol and health: public health France participates in risk reduction strategies

Alcohol consumption in France in 2017 remains at a high and stable level compared with previous years (11.7 liters per inhabitant for 15 yearsone). New estimates also confirm the still very strong effect of alcohol on mortality, since 41,000 deaths2 related to this. However, the risks associated with daily drinking are not always known, whereas they are real from the first daily use. To combat the health burden of alcohol use, France’s public health is developing a risk reduction strategy, one step of which is to increase the awareness of health care workers, especially addressing problem drinking. To support them in their practice, France’s Public Health is developing the website and launching an information campaign aimed at raising awareness of the risks associated with drinking even in “low” doses.

Alcohol: the risks are still too little known.

According to BEH published February 19, 2019, alcohol remains today the second leading cause of preventable death 41,000 deaths per year, including 30,000 for men and 11,000 for womenAlcohol consumption underlies many diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. So in 2015 16,000 cancer deaths and 9,900 deaths from cardiovascular disease have been associated with alcohol use.

Risk reduction at the heart of French public health strategy

Alcohol is the second determinant of health. Danger to health from drinking exists from the first daily use.Faced with this health burden, the French Public Health and National Cancer Institute conducted a research study that established new criteria for consumption: a maximum of 10 points per week, a maximum of 2 glasses per day and several days a day. week without consumption. They can be summarized as follows: For your health, a maximum of 2 glasses per day, not every day. ".

"These new criteria, while not denying the aspect of pleasure that can be associated with alcohol consumption, allow the French to make an informed choice of consumption that is less risky for their health." To reduce the number of pathologies caused by alcohol, we need all medical professionals, especially those who are of paramount importance. That is why we are developing resources to support their practice of early detection and brief intervention, ”said Francois Bourdillon, General Director.

Health workers, the first preventive actor

To assist in early detection and short intervention, France’s Public Health develops a place reserved for health professionals on its remote alcohol support Under the tab Alcohol and health Basic knowledge useful for their practice is grouped. 4 themes allow you to address: risks associated with alcohol use, criteria for less risky consumption (for your health, maximum 2 cups a day and not every day), screening and care assistance, an inventory of alcohol consumption devices in France,

From February 20 to March 15, 2019, Public Health France launches a campaign for healthcare professionals to raise awareness of new criteria for consumers. alcohol, the fact that risk exists from the first daily drink and promote dialogue between health care workers and patients.

The full package includes editorials and a digital campaign (web banners and social networks), in which health workers are invited to take the reflex