Alcohol and health: improving knowledge and reducing risks

“For your health, alcohol is a maximum of 2 cups a day, not every day,” this formula summarizes the new criteria for alcohol consumption developed as part of the experience of Public Health France and Inc. Today, the data from the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin show that the French are far from meeting these criteria. From March 26 to April 14, 2019, the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Public Health launched an information campaign to remind everyone that alcohol consumption is risky and promote new criteria. The new tool is also available to everyone on the site, to assess its consumption and assess the risks that have arisen.

Risk reduction at the heart of French public health strategy

Contrary to popular belief, the health risk of drinking alcohol exists from the first daily intake. Alcohol use is the cause of many diseases (hemorrhage in the brain, cancer, hypertension …) and is today one of the main causes of death, which can be avoided 41,000 attributed deathsone in year.
The public health of France and the National Cancer Institute conducted a scientific examination that allowed new consumption criteria to be established with less risk if we consume alcohol.

New benchmarks for alcohol consumption

  • maximum 10 points per week,
  • maximum 2 cups a day,
  • days of the week without consumption.

"For your health, alcohol is a maximum of 2 cups a day, not every day."

“Our goal is to enable the French conscious choice of safer consumption for your healthWithout negating "pleasure", which may be associated with alcohol consumption, it requires advertise the risks associated with alcoholfrom distribute to all new consumer orientations and invite the french think about consuming them, "emphasizes Francois Bourdillon, managing director.

24% of French people exceed alcohol consumption benchmarks

Results of the French Public Health Barometer 20172BEH published on topical alcohol today show that:

  • Nearly a quarter of French people between the ages of 18 and 75 exceed at least one of 3 criteria,
  • men are more concerned about this excess (33%) than women (14%)
  • the youngest consume more intensively than the older, whose consumption is more regular.

New anti-alcohol campaign and new criteria

New Public Health France campaign built around unknown risks cerebral hemorrhage, cancer, hypertension …) associated with alcohol, and lower risk reference points,

AT TV spot without car accident "" nobody wakes up next to the dark unknown But the voice-over says: that you do not need to get to this point so that alcohol is devastating: if you take more than 2 glasses a day, you increase the risk of brain hemorrhage, cancer and hypertension ". The place ends with the campaign slogan: " For your health, alcohol is a maximum of 2 cups a day. And not every day ".

The video is broadcast from March 26 to April 14 on national and foreign channels, on online video platforms and on social networks. The system is complemented by radio stations, editorials, a digital campaign and the distribution of videos in the waiting rooms of hospitals or nursing homes.

A tool to assess its consumption and risks associated with

France's public health has developed a new alcohol meter which allows of several questions rate weekly drinking considering new landmarks and assess the risks associated with this consumptionIt is available on the home page of the website, which also offers information, exchanges and remote assistance services.

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