9/16 March in Toulouse, free screening of kidney diseases 2

9/16 March in Toulouse, free screening of kidney diseases

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Already for the 6th year, the Saint-Exupéry Nephrology Clinic has partnered with the French organization Rein Occitania Midi-Pyrenees and the City Council of Toulouse in the framework of the National Kidney Week. Sanitary caravan will be installed Place Saint-Georges for 8 days, from Saturday 9 to Saturday, March 16 from 10 to 19 hours. On board 50 nurses and caregivers of the clinic, as well as France Rein volunteers will offer free screening, anonymous and without an appointment, so that everyone can check the performance of their kidneys.

After the introduction of a quick and simple questionnaire, a urine test strip can detect the presence of proteins, leukocytes and blood in the urine. Blood pressure measurement determines the presence of high blood pressure, a risk factor for renal failure. In addition to the tests, they will be there to inform and prevent, every tenth person in France does not know that it is affected by kidney disease. Leaflets, exchanges with nurses allow you to add information.

Responding to health problems in the area, helping to reduce costs and being part of the logic of prevention rather than care logic, these driving forces stand behind the Nephrology Clinic of Saint-Exupéry and France Rein Occitanie Midi-Pyrénées organizing these 8 days of testing.

22.6% of people turned to their general practitioner
For its first edition in 2014, 528 urine tests were performed. As a result, 23.5% of sensitized individuals tested positive for screening for proteinuria and hematuria. Four years later, 2,770 people were screened. Very strong growth, which proves that the awareness of kidney diseases pays off.

Of these 2,770 people (59.9% of women and 40.1% of men), 22.60% of them were referred to a doctor. Causes excessive stress in 16,14%, traces of blood in the urine by 12.67%, protein (7.36%) and / or white blood cells (9.82%)

The kidney, this little known organ and still too neglected
Kidneys are essential for life. But few know their function or location. In France, 6 million people have kidney problems … and do not know it. A disease that develops low noise, no symptoms are felt, it is often diagnosed too late, while early and proper treatment can slow down or stop its development.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, renal toxicity of some drugs, congenital malformations or hereditary disease – all these are pathologies that can cause kidney disease … But loss of appetite, nausea, significant fatigue, sleep disturbance, the need to urinate at night … everything These are warning signs that should alert.

Screening now
From Saturday 9 to Saturday March 16 from 10 am to 7 pm: Place Saint-Georges in Toulouse

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