Being young means that your body can support just about anything you do, right? You may be surprised to know what stupid things you do that have the most consequences and what is less serious than you think. Discover three things you can not afford to do for long – and two things you can.

3 things you Can not Stay away with

1. Drink regularly until you forget

Your brain is still young enough – it is not fully developed before the age of 20. At present, there are more connections between neurons. It helps you learn quickly, but it also means you need more money for alcohol, says Frances E. Jensen, MD, author of The brain of teenage girls. This makes the effects of alcohol deeper and allows addictions to form in a stronger and permanent way than later. In addition, the excessive occasional consumption of alcohol is linked to reduced areas of the brain involved in memory, language, attention, and so on. – and they stay smaller all the life.

Drunk driver

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2. A weed habit

When you are young, thousands of billions of connections in your brain are wrapped in an "insulation" called myelin, a construction project that starts at the back of your brain at birth and, with time, advances, speeding up connections along the way. . The crucial frontal lobe, which controls decision-making, is the last to conclude. Chronic cannabis use in your twenties can ruin the process. The result is a greater propensity to take risks throughout life, says Dr. Jensen.

3. Avoid the dentist

Decade 20 is the worst decade in oral health among men, "says Mark S. Wolff, DDS, Ph.D. Ignoring these appointments now can save you a lot of time (and money) later. Dental caries and gum damage are the reality: they can be permanent. And gum disease has been linked to other problems affecting the entire body, including heart disease. But it is also largely preventable. Make an appointment. If you are cleansed and looking for cavities, you may be able to limit your exams every two years, says Dr. Wolff.

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2 things you ca Stay away with

1. A crazy irregular sleep schedule

"We tend to have more deep sleep when we are younger," says Men's health Sleep Advisor W. Christopher Winter, M.D. In other words, the sleep you get is probably a counterweight to Netflix, until the early morning, or until sunrise, he says. Not every night, though. If your schedule is completely out of sync, the best solution is to aim for at least 49 hours of sleep a week. But it is only for the moment. As you get older, you lose your reserve and deep sleep is difficult to find, so a crazy schedule will leave you in tatters, hungry and just ugly. If only you could sleep now for later.

2. These two (three?) Times where you had ecstasy

"We do not have any evidence of so-called long-term brain damage resulting from the short-term or intermittent use of these substances," said Wilson Compton, MD, deputy director of the US Department of Health. National Institute for Combating Drug Abuse. "I would not expect anyone who has not had any significant complications at the time to have problems 10 or 20 years later." The long-term use is different. Ecstasy acts on two brain regions still in development, those of judgment and memory formation, and long-term chronic use has been associated with negative changes in both regions.