Against Mourning: It takes a lifetime of preparation to mourn as the Stoics did – without crying or moaning, but with a heart full of love. Brian D. Hearing about Stoicism in Practice: "Stoics can" afford "to mourn as little as possible-that is, as little as nature will allow-because they have spent their lives to train in philosophy. It means: getting rid of false beliefs, learning to deal with the inevitable and matching their desires to Zeus' will. So, when the worst things happen, when a child, friend or spouse is shot down in an unplanned hour, the Stoics' mute response will reflect their hard-won preparation, not a lack of love or affection. previous … "
Linked part by Maria PopovaEpictetus about love and loss. Stoic strategy to survive

Another, this one by Michael Tremblay: Stoicism and Emotions: How Stoics Design Emotions

Tremblay also wrote an introduction to Stoicism in two parts:

And he wrote this fascinating article about the synergy between stoicism and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for The Side View: Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a form of stoic questose. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), a modern martial art struggling, can be one of the best contemporary forms of Stoic demand for those who wish to improve.
Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy. As a school of thought, its primary purpose is to enable the individual to achieve happiness. This is done mainly by emphasizing the distinction between what is under our control and what is outside of it. The good Stoic focuses on what concerns them and stops worrying about what they can not control. But such a perspective can be difficult to obtain and requires training, or demand, as the Stoics called it. I will argue that the contemporary martial art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is perfectly suited to be a modern form of Stoic demand, a form that can cause the individual to focus on what matters and become a better stoic. .

Stoic study: Stoic beliefs and health: development and preliminary validation of the ideological scale of Pathak-Wieten's stoicism

A criticism of Iona Italy's New Book by Derren Brown: Praise of Stoicism: Derren Brown's Happy.

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