Klobuchar represents a farming state that relies heavily on trade with Canada. She criticized US trade tensions with China, while expressing support for some of Trump's protectionist measures.

Klobuchar sits on the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forests. Among the priorities of her website, she cites the strengthening of insurance programs for farmers affected by bad weather and market fluctuations.

His concerns within the state are going to mitigate the damage done to farmers by the trade war between the president and China – which is temporarily stalled. Klobuchar has asked Trump to quickly conclude new trade deals and get rid of Chinese tariffs that have hurt the US agricultural industry.

The president put tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods while he was trying to force the world's second-largest economy to combat trade abuses. Beijing responded by charging fees on US products, many of which come from Midwestern farms. Both parties temporarily halted new tariffs as they attempted to conclude a new trade agreement by March 2.

Klobuchar, like many politicians across the country, has tried to find a delicate balance on trade issues. She supported Trump 's tariffs on steel and aluminum, popular in the iron chain in the northern part of the state. But these rights over metals have partly caused frustrations and tariffs in China, which has caused headaches for state farmers.

Of course, his familiarity with agricultural issues could help him in a first key state: Iowa. In December, Klobuchar explained that officials had forgotten about rural America, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

"Minnesota matters, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Ohio, and Iowa, yes," she said at the annual Iowa Farmers Union convention.

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