Washington (AFP) – President Donald Trump, who likes to confuse health experts with his cravings for junk food and lack of exercise, is "in very good health," said his doctor on Friday. result of an annual health check.

"I am pleased to announce that the President of the United States is in very good health and I expect he will remain so until the end of his presidency," said Chief Medical Officer Sean Conley in a memorandum issued by the White House.

The Marine One helicopter fired the 72-year-old head of state at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center's White House in Bethesda, a Washington suburb, after a full four hours of punching and firing. tests.

Dressed in a long dark coat, Trump raised his thumb, but did not answer questions from reporters about his feelings.

We still did not know how many results would finally be made public.

Last year, everything from high chair cholesterol to weight (too high, to 239 pounds, or 108 kg) was released.

Trump's chief medical officer at the time, Ronny Jackson – who has since been in trouble following an alleged ethical misconduct – also held an unusually detailed press conference during which he stated that Trump was in "trouble." excellent health ".

On the plus side, Trump does not smoke and is a noted teetotaler. He says that he has never even drank beer.

Less good: the former real estate mogul and reality TV actor shamelessly embraces the life of the sofa potato.

– & # 39; Incredibly good genes & # 39; –

Not for Trump, basketball sessions that Barack Obama swept to the White House, or George W. Bush's bike rides.

Trump enjoys quieter golf, but rides a cart between two holes and says that anything that is harder is bad for your health.

"All my friends who train all the time, they will undergo knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, it's a disaster," Trump told Good Medical in 2015.

Trump described his main exercise as walking around the White House compound and standing at public events.

The 45th President's diet, which includes legendary amounts of coke and red meat, also seems to defy the orders of most doctors.

In January, Trump hosted athletes from the American football champions Clemson Tigers with a mountain of burgers and pizzas.

According to Jackson last year, Trump's secret lies in his genes.

"Incredibly good genes," he said. "It's just the way God did it."