The Super Bowl is over for a long time, but everyone is still talking about it Maroon 5's controversial half-time show. More specifically, people can not overcome the body art of the main singer Adam Levine revealed when he stripped off his infamous tank top. (A complete decomposition of tattoos of Adam shows that there are close to 20.) There are many, many symbols, images and words engraved in his arms, hands, chest and back – but it is the ink of the torso of Levine fans are buzzing the most.

The Los Angeles native has "California" engraved in big letters just above his belly button. Levine added the word to his skin shortly after tattooing his town's name on his biceps, which he described to People as "a simple case of hometown love." Assuming that the "Californian" ink is another nod to his roots, fans have been inspired to pay tribute to their own original states.

Men across the country removed their shirts and dried up their Sharpie markers to recreate hilarious Levine's most remarkable tattoo. Guys of all ages and all types of bodies scribbled the name of their condition on their tummies and shared pictures of their creations online to make fun of Maroon 5 frontman. Internet quickly became aware and soon an entire Facebook page called "Real Men in America" ​​was created with the aim of obtaining a shirtless tribute from each state.

Here are some of our favorites:

Levine himself said: You have to represent your place of origin with a "badge of pride", and these guys certainly do.