Do you feel annoyed when you hear chewing, swallowing, clicking, drinking, drinking, sipping, tapping with your fingers and other similar sounds that the human body can emit? Do you want to shout on that person, say something rude or become completely impatient and even aggressive? Well, it turns out that some of us have more or less a brain disorder called misophonia.

The bright side want to share interesting facts with you that will probably change your opinion about yourself.

Misophonia literally means "hate of sound". This began to be discussed as a condition in 2000 and many researchers have tried to study negative emotions, thoughts and even physical reactions triggered by specific sounds.

But you should not worry too much, because misophonie is still not classified in the category of auditory or psychiatric disorders.

My husband * sips * his wine – his wine. And remember, these are the loudest and most difficult slurp sounds you'll ever hear.


Misophonia is not only a case of unpleasant sounds that you do not like, but a case where sounds drive you crazy! If a guy chews and sips loudly near you, the sound will seem to be the central sound everywhere.

Sometimes this can lead to a serious problem with relationships, family members and friends. The reactions can be very unexpected and lead to quarrels.

According to the researchers, there is a big physical difference in the brain of people with misophonia. Large amounts of myelination, brain isolation, can be found in people with misophonias.

And it may be a relief, for those whose family and friends do not believe it, to know that hatred of sounds is not just a quirk and annoyance, but that it can be supported by medical evidence.

So, is there a treatment for misophonie?

Experts say there is no exact way to cure or any treatment that is completely effective against misophony. But that does not mean you have to give up because there are always different ways to deal with this problem.

Some institutes offer hypnotherapy, a method developed by Chris Pearson.

The most popular treatment against misophony is sound. Filling the living space of his using appliances is a good option.

But there is also good news. According to some researchers, people with misophonie are more likely to be creative geniuses.

Since you pay more attention to certain sounds than the majority of the population, you will notice things better and provide more detail in your brain.

Leave a comment, if you know a person with misophonie or if certain sounds make you suffer.