Some additional ideas for the curious:

They have one similar article on baby food.

In both articles, they do not detail the data. That frustrates me, because a lot of people could actually make sense of the data, especially if the chart or the chart was well formatted.

It's a constant source of frustration for me because we release this type of data to the public at work. It does not make sense that they include a PDF of their test protocol and their letter to the FDA, but not a data table of actual results.

Whatever it is, because I am curious now and have the context to understand it, I actually sent them an email to see if I could get the data. I wanted to send an email to the author directly, but they did not seem to communicate this contact information. Again, none of this is really a good sign. Do not say that something is happening out of control, it's simply an opaque frustrating for a supposed consumer rights advocate.

It is well known that apples often contain arsenic, which makes it a not surprising result. They probably excluded orange juice because it is not generally known that it contains these contaminants. But they probably also excluded it because the orange juice that most people buy in stores is a lie. (Sorry for the youtube link, I have not had the time to look for better links, and a full disclosure, I drink anyway knowing that.)

As far as grape juice is concerned, it now seems fairly clear that grapes are effective enough to absorb heavy metals from the soil in which they are found. So it's not just grape juice, but wine and balsamic vinegar also have lead, and I'm sure there's a certain amount in the right grapes, too. Balsamic vinegar must be listed in California Proposition 65 as containing lead.

I guess concentrates will always be worse for heavy metals … because they are concentrated. You can not filter the concentrate without losing flavor, although you can filter the water. Things like apple cider would cease to be the same product after filtering them too, so you probably could never get arsenic from these without growing it in an environment that n & # 39; 39, does not have any. Functionally impossible to do.

I will post them again when they send me data … but I do not have high expectations.
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