According to recent statistics, there are 75 million pet dogs in the United States alone and they are among the most sought-after pets in the world. Owning and training a dog is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences anyone can live. There are, however, some major mistakes made by most dog owners and important mistakes they neglect that can endanger the health of their dog.

Here has The bright sideWe decided to share with you advice from dog care professionals who will change both your life and your pets' lives.

1. Neglecting their teeth

According to a recent study, 5 out of 6 dog owners do not brush their pet's teeth leading veterinarians to treat more than 50 cases of tooth and gum disease a day. Unfortunately, 65% of dogs with any kind of periodontal disease are not usually treated because their owners neglect the symptoms of this disease.

One of the main reasons dog owners do not brush their teeth is that dogs do not like that and it takes a lot of time to do it. In addition, some pet owners think that because they feed their dogs with dry dog ​​food, there is no need to brush their teeth, which is a myth. Do not brush a dog's teeth can cause severe inflammation such as gingivitis.

  • It is recommended to all dog owners to brush their teeth at least 3 times a week.

2. Leave them on a chain

Sometimes leaving dogs outside for a short time is a good thing for them, especially when they like to be outside. But a chain is not always the solution. Dogs are naturally territorial animals and when they are left in a confined space for long periods, their instinctive territorial behavior is reinforced, so when someone approaches them, they become very aggressive.

In addition, the chained dogs stand out from their owners because they feel like their owners do not like them and they stop spending time with their owners when they are constantly left outside. They will then start looking for ways to escape and, once they have done so, they will not come back.

  • It is important to keep your dog out for short periods of time and only place it on a chain when absolutely necessary for safety reasons.

3. Leave them in the car

Regardless of the outside temperature, the greenhouse effect can warm up a car in minutes and the least we can do for the poor is that they could become overheated and sick. The longer they wait in an overheated car, the worse their health consequences are. and they could potentially die.

This happens because dogs have limited sweat glands, which makes them feel warm and sweat a lot more than humans. In some countries, it is illegal to leave a dog in the car because it is a life-threatening situation that is considered negligence and cruelty to animals.

  • So, if you need to be somewhere, always take your dog with you if dogs are allowed, because leaving it in the car should not be an option.
  • If you see a dog in someone's car, try to locate the owner, get the license plate number of the car and inform the authorities immediately.

4. Pass regular veterinary visits

Even if your pet looks healthy and behaves normally, you should visit the vet at least every 6 months. Remember that we are all healthy before getting sick and this applies to all living things. Veterinarians can detect symptoms in animals that we do not even notice.

Some pet owners neglect the health of their pet because they believe they can diagnose their dog's health problems by doing a quick Google search. However, a veterinarian is able to see the underlying symptoms of medical conditions or untreated diseases before they are life threatening.

  • If you notice that your dog's appetite has changed, that he is having trouble breathing or that his drinking habits have changed, it is essential to take him to the vet. See here for additional symptoms that you should watch for.

5. overfeed

Even if you adore the appearance of your little dog because it looks like a chubby teddy bear, supercharging your dog can have a serious impact on his health in the long run and limit his life span. Overeating your dog is also considered to be an abuse of animals. It's important to always keep an eye on your dog's weight and always talk to a veterinarian about his dietary needs and diet. This way your pet can stay healthy and you can enjoy your partner's company for as long as possible.

  • It is important to estimate the number of calories your dog needs in a day and the basic energy needs of your dog. Give your pet healthy treats and consider how much exercise he does. Here we found some interesting tips on how to prevent obesity.

6. hit them

Whatever type of training, mess or explanation you have to hit your dog, It is NEVER suitable, constructive or even legal to hit your pet. This will cause the poor person to be traumatized by the experience and petrified of you.

Not only that, but they will become so distant and unable to communicate with you because they will be too scared that what they are doing is not correct. This will make their training impossible! According to research, dogs respond better to positive reinforcement than to negative reinforcement.

  • Always reward their welcome behavior instead of countering their unwanted actions.

7. put their dog in a crate as a form of punishment

Some dog owners consider the crate as a form of punishment when training their dog. But as we mentioned above, this is considered a negative reinforcement, to which the dogs do not respond very well.

No matter how much the idea of ​​putting a dog in a crate can be considered, the results are reversed. For the dog owner, a crate is a comfortable and safe space for the dog. In the spirit of the dog it's a depressing confined space that will make them ashamed for something they do not even understand, and it will cause them anxiety.

  • Instead of placing a dog in a cage, if it is absolutely necessary to isolate it, place it in a room for a few minutes with its toys to help calm them down.

8. share their food

There is a very good reason why specialized dog foods exist, and It's about balancing all the necessary nutrients your dog needs without putting his health at risk. This may seem like an act of kindness to you when they look at you with their big sparkling eyes, waiting to bite into your dish, but this can have a long-term impact on their digestive system and their health. For the health of your pet, stick to the food that is specifically for him.

  • Foods like grapes, raisins and yeast can be deadly to dogs. Please see here for a list of human foods that can be fatal for dogs

Have you ever done any of these things? What advice would you give to other dog owners? Please inform us in the comments below.

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