Health experts say that drinking too much caffeine can be one of the possible causes of irritability because this drink increases your adrenaline production and allows you to feel more alert. However, even without coffee, we can encounter exasperating things in our daily lives that we simply can not remember from our annoyance.

The bright side gathered 24 photos of the most boring things that will certainly make you say: "Ugh!"

24. This man has completely lost control of his life …

23. Do these paper towels already work?

22. The fastest way to fight during Thanksgiving:

21. "Do you want a puddle?"

20. "These air bubbles hurt my eyes!"

19. When you have the choice to freeze or burn:

18. "An unconscious woman was sitting in front of my father on a 5-hour flight."

17. When washing your hands with a sweater:

16. These salt and pepper shakers contain individual sachets of salt and pepper.

15. "My smoke detector caught on fire."

14. "Poured a cup of coffee and heard a pop-up – my cup was broken like that. Coffee is everywhere. "

13. "It's like the bells at my school …"

12. The motherboard is now burned.

11. "This is how my wife changes the roll of toilet paper."

10. "These are group necklaces that I bought online."

9. The amount of packaging for a single tablet

8. "The way my roommate tidied these shoes"

7. "How am I supposed to read this?"

6. These USB devices take up too much space.

5. This allows you to wear "blue suede shoes" …

4. "I had to watch this all day … why me ?!"

3. "That's how my son uses his toothpaste.

2. New shoes with their own laces

1. What a pit!

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