Fox News moderator, Tucker Carlson, said that he thought Congress should pass a law banning children from owning a smartphone, citing research showing that the use of a smartphone is harmful for the development of children.

Carlson compared the hypothetical ban to age restrictions for the purchase of cigarettes, claiming that smartphone addiction in children can even be fatal.

"The use of the smartphone makes children sadder, slower, more isolated and, over time, can kill them," Carlson said.

Problems related to the use of the smartphone by children

Carlson spoke of research showing that children's excessive screen time correlates with lower scores on cognitive tests, a testament to the harmfulness of smartphones for young minds.

In addition, smartphones make children less happy when they are used for social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

"The more time you spend liking social media postings and updating your Facebook status, the less healthy you are," Carlson said, citing a study from the University of Missouri that users of Facebook were more depressed than non-users and had more envy of others.

"A study conducted in 2016 revealed that Facebook's abandonment was improving psychological health," continued Carlson. "Last fall, a study by the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology found that the use of social media was directly related to feelings of loneliness and depression, which can lead to life-threatening psychiatric disorders. "

What is the solution?

Carlson said that most parents knew all the facts of the potential dangers of using the smartphone by children, but they did not do anything because it was "too difficult".

"Try removing an iPhone from a 7th grader," Carlson said. "You'll learn a lot about what" addiction "means." It's like trying to bring a junkie into rehab. You can not do it alone. Parents need help. "

Carlson said that's where the federal government has to intervene.

"There is no reason why Congress, which made smartphones possible, is not part of the solution," Carlson said. "So, here's an idea: ban the use of the smartphone for children." Adopt a federal law tomorrow. "Why would not we do that?"

Tucker Carlson calls on Congress to ban children's smartphones.