The medical license status of a California doctor is in limbo after, according to court documents, He recommended a 4-year-old boy to eat cannabis biscuits to treat his behavior problems.

According to the documents, On Dec. 6, the California Medical Board ordered the revocation of the license of natural medicine doctor William S. Eidelman, of Los Angeles, California, after ruling that he had wrongly diagnosed the boy Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and bipolar disorder before recommending marijuana as treatment. The way the doctor made the diagnosis and the information he used, indicated the documents, violated the standard of care and he committed "gross negligence".

However, on January 29, the San Francisco Superior Court granted a temporary stay and Eidelman's license remains in force, with restrictions. A status hearing is scheduled for March 19th.

According to the court documents, until the legal issues are resolved, Eidelman is prohibited from treating any patient under the age of 18 and recommending cannabis treatment for any patient under the age of 18 or any adult "without obtaining legal advice". medical history and medical examinations. "

In court documents, Eidelman admits the events of September 2012, when the 4-year-old boy and his father had an appointment with Eidelman. The documents indicate that the main complaint was that the child had had episodes of uncontrollable behavior problems and tantrums.

According to the documents, Eidelman "did not attempt to contact the school or obtain any other information, nor did he seek any other medical records for the boy. boy to a pediatrician, psychiatrist or child psychiatrist. " after an interview of 20 to 30 minutes with the child and his father, [Eidelman] documented diagnosis for the boy as "likely combination of ADD / ADHD or bipolar". "

Eidelman then documented the project "to try cannabis in small amounts in cookies".

The documents say that the father followed this advice and felt that the cannabis cookies helped and he did not perceive any harmful effects. But when he asked the boy's school nurse to administer the cannabis cookie, she reported the case to the child protection services and judicial authorities.

According to the documents, the father stated that the main reason he had asked for help from Eidelman was that the boy's teacher had told him "that he had to get treatment for the baby." 39, child, otherwise he would be excluded from school ".

The documents further indicate that, when asked what other diagnostic criteria Eidelman had taken into account, besides ADHD and bipolar disorder, he replied that he "was not considering really something else, and when asked what was the differential diagnosis of "behavior like this," he said at first that there was none, but then the alternatives could be head trauma, and he could not think of any other diagnosis that could explain the behavior of the child. "

Asked about the potential risks to a child, given the low amounts of cannabis, Eidelman replied that "there is virtually no risk", although he can not cite any authority for this post. When asked where was the American Academy of Pediatrics to give cannabis to a child, according to court documents, [Eidelman] I did not know.

"I could use your help"

In one blog article On January 29, Eidelman wrote to friends and patients that the judge who had ordered the revocation "ruled that I had misdiagnosed a child to whom I had issued the recommendation on the cannabis and that it was a sufficient basis to revoke my license in order to protect the customer. Public.

"I think I will win a call for a long list of reasons.One of the main reasons is that the child received an updated version of the same diagnosis a year and a half after our last visit. the board's expert this proves that the diagnosis is correct.

"However, I could use your help If you are my patient or if you know patients of mine, you are invited to write letters to the Medical Commission describing how I helped you, maybe I made diagnoses that other doctors have missed, that's what other doctors have not done.This may be related to cannabis, but other things are very good too. "

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