Chris Christie's new book: In a broad interview, the former New Jersey governor defends his type of confrontational politics and tries to explain the president's style of operation. "He thinks you're very loyal, he's not paying attention to you," Christie says McKay Coppins. "He's trying to win people he does not perceive as loyal."

– Elaine Godfrey


President Donald Trump then listens as he meets Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday. (Jim Young / Good Medical)

Ideas of L & # 39; Atlantic

Could black English mean jail time? (John McWhorter)

"A black man on the phone in a San Francisco jail said in 2015," He just said, "I'm going to take television," which means that man would not do it. The transcriber who listened could apparently not understand the first part and recorded the entire statement under the name "I am going to take television". " → Read more.

The Threat Assessment Threat (Peter Beinart)

"Despite all his lies and crimes, Trump has posed in recent years legitimate questions about America's growing role in the world, issues shared by many Americans on both sides. The threat assessment is a case study on how to subtract them. " → Read more.

The unstoppable propagation of deadly drones (Conor Friedersdorf)

"Drones capable of taking a commercial plane are already easy to obtain. And even as non-state actors marshal the least sophisticated drones to launch attacks, state actors invest money in more sophisticated drones that will proliferate as surely as their predecessors. " → Read more.

What we read

How will the abortion law in New York change? (Jia Tolentino, the New Yorker)

A black heritage wrapped in fur (Jasmine Sanders, Good Medical)

How the geography of climate change could make politics less polarizing (Mark Muro, David G. Victor and Jacob Whiton, Brookings)

Americans deported (Brooke Jarvis, The California Sunday Magazine)

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Elaine Godfrey is Assistant Editor at L & # 39; Atlantic.