In 2013, faced with the rapid intensification of the opioid crisis, the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Justice reached an agreement with Walgreens, the second largest US pharmacy chain. Walgreens has accepted new procedures to combat illegal prescriptions. In a report to Purdue Pharma, McKinsey said that "a thorough review of pharmacy purchasing data available at Purdue shows that Walgreens has reduced its units by 18%."

According to the lawsuit, McKinsey urged Purdue to "pressure the leaders of Walgreens to soften them."

McKinsey also urged Purdue to redirect its sales forces to doctors who were particularly prolific prescribers of OxyContin, according to the lawsuit. A slide released by the Attorney General's Office, attributed to McKinsey, focused on a physician from the City of Wareham, Massachusetts, who had almost doubled his annual OxyContin prescriptions production after a sharp increase in the number of visits from Purdue representatives.

If the doctors objected, McKinsey was urging Purdue to use "patient repression," urging patients to lobby for OxyContin, according to the lawsuit.

In a statement, Purdue said the Massachusetts Attorney General's office "provides little evidence in support of its outrageous legal claims." The company also said the lawsuit badly qualified McKinsey's work with Purdue.

On a discussion site where participants must have a McKinsey email address to register in the company's chat room, several blatant expressions of outrage sparked by revelations of McKinsey's work with Purdue were mixed Comments on the responsibility to serve the client's financial results. and ethical limits.

"So, of course, it is normal to maximize value for shareholders, to seek profits!" Wrote one person. "But not at all costs, not at the expense of our moral values ​​and the well-being of our society."

Another message – like the 42 entries on Purdue and McKinsey released no later than Friday noon, was anonymous – reproduced a bullet from McKinsey's statement of values ​​stating that the company "would meet high ethical standards."