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You will watch Marvel movies until you die and they will continue long afterwards. The pleasure of investing in the film world Marvel, which ends its long gestation phase with April's Avengers: End of the gameis that all this is only a long and continuous story: That these universes are all connected. It's an eternal opera for space. It's a perpetual franchise.

Marvel has not confirmed its entire calendar, except for a vague calendar with terms like "Untitled Marvel Movie 8" scheduled for July 2022. There are however many rumors and even directors and characters confirmed . All these films are exciting. But How exciting? Today, we rank all confirmed and semi-confirmed Marvel films based on our enthusiasm (and you should be) to see them. For what it's worth, we include Sony movies (which own Spider-Man and sometimes borrow MCU stars like Iron Man) and Fox X-Men movies (which have not yet gone through Marvel, but could day) as part of the Marvel family, even if they are not technically is part of the Marvel film universe.

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14. Gambit (March 2020)

Be worried about this one. Channing Tatum embodies Gambit, a former Louisiana thief capable of manipulating kinetic energy. Cool, no? We guess. But the film was a mess from the beginning, with three different directors attached and then leaving the project, from Rupert Wyatt to Doug Liman to Gore Verbinski. Apparently, he has also gone from a burglary film to a romantic comedy (with the brilliant Lizzy Caplan as Gambit's model). But the filming has still not started and there is still no director. At the last check, Tatum himself spoke of directing him. We will see if this happens even.

13. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (June 2019)

The X-Men have had a bumpy road lately, with X-Men: Apocalypse a bit of a groaner (and directed by Bryan Singer, who is surely done with these now) and his greatest moment of recent years makes fun of Deadpool 2. They brought the crew back again to follow the release of the Phoenix by Jean Gray, one of the most powerful characters in the comics. You have to wonder how long they will continue, with actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McVoy clearly ready to move on, and the flickering franchise in the shadow of Deadpool. Focusing a whole movie on a character up to then minor seems to represent a risk. Expect X-Men: Deadpool (or vice versa) as soon as they can enforce the contracts.

12. Venom 2 (to be determined)

The first film was a huge success, which concealed the fact that it was a total mess, pretty much in the beginning. (This film is essentially a series of intrigues with occasional explosions of CGI.) But Tom Hardy had some lunatic energy like Venom, and when a movie earns as much money as this one, there is will definitely have another one. Maybe they'll take a little longer to sort out the details of it, or, if that does not happen, they'll just let Hardy go crazy. That would be nice too.

11. Dr. Strange 2 (2021)

The first film was amusing, if not particularly inspired; do you even remember anything about Rachel McAdams? Looks like Dr. Strange was more fun in War of Infinity that it was in his own movie. Director Scott Derrickson will be back for this one and we'll admit that we appreciate Benedict Cumberbatch's American accent … but that sounds a bit minor.

10. The new mutants (August 2019)

Here's the exit ramp for the X-Men franchise: These "new" mutants, which focus on mutant teens with incredible powers, held in an institution against their will. If this is the big success Fox hopes, he will not have to worry about Lawrence and Fassbender, and the crew: they will have their own new franchise to build. Director Josh Boone knows his teenagers. he directed The fault in their stars, after all. We are not sure if we need another X-Men franchise, but the new blood can only help to give the company a little vitality.

9. black widow (2020)

No, it will not be the "Saturday Night Live" version of the story, but that's what will happen: Scarlett Johannsen would have signed a $ 15 million deal to play the character in a solo film, directed by Cate Shortland (Berlin Syndrome, Lore). the most intriguing rumor sure Black Widow is that it will be rated R, which would be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to receive this rating.

8. Guardians of galaxy 3 (to be determined)

After the controversy over screenwriter-director James Gunn removed it from the project, the third Galaxy the film was pushed back, but they still plan to do it, and maybe even using Gunn's already finished script. (Although he's not behind the camera.) These characters are still a big company, but you can not help but ask if he will lose something without the maestro who did it all. Anyway: we are still mad at Peter Quill for War of infinity. What was that man?

7. Shang-Chi (to be determined)

Ad just last month, Shang-Chi is the first Marvel movie with an Asian lead, based on a character trained in martial arts and confronting his own demons of the family. The film is written by Dave Callaham, who also wrote the next Spider-Man: in the Spider-Verse following as well as the writing of the Wonder Woman after. The moment seems propitious for this and it is clearly in good hands.

6. The eternal (2020)

As the first major tent pole of the MCU's Phase Four, The Eternals brings together beings from another world who are superhuman, well, everything; think less Hawkeye, more Thanos. This is a major project, one of the pillars of the next phase, but we are perhaps very excited by the attached director: Chloe Zhao, who has achieved the incredible program of 2018. The horseman, a film that seems as different from a gigantic enterprise as this, from the human point of view.

5. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

The first long-awaited Marvel film focused solely on a female role – the only thing DC has beaten –Captain Marvel Brie Larsen stars as a former Air Force pilot whose DNA is merged into an accident with a Kree warrior and ends up making it a galactic superhero. You may remember Captain Marvel's call in the end credits of War of Infinity, connecting the two Avengers movies, but the timeline takes place in the 90's, which means you can probably expect a lot of snapple and big-haired rappers.

4. Spider-Man: far from home (July 2019)

Spider-Man: Homecoming was Spider-Man's most fun movie for a decade … at least until Spider-Man: in the Spider-Verse has come about. Tom Holland revitalized the character in the public consciousness, and the result (helped by a big villain played by Michael Keaton and a dizzying general mood and teen-bop) was sensational. The sequel includes a school trip to Europe and a villain named Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Spider-Man's fatigue is natural at this point, but director Jon Watts has made things happen the first time and is back for this one. Were not enough tired of Spidey for the moment.

3. black panther 2

The most profitable Marvel film – and the third most successful film of all time – is clearly at the top of the list of strong emotions. Even though he loses his incredible villainous Killmonger, Wakanda and its inhabitants have an infinite number of stories to tell us. Ryan Coogler has committed to lead the sequel, so we are already there: Heck, it is possible that the first film eventually win the prize for best film, after all. And you never know: maybe they can Find a place for Michael B. Jordan after all.

2. Spider-Man: in the Spider-Verse 2 (2020)

It's probably not what we'll call it, but if you've seen the fantastic original, you know there's no limit to the number of spin-offs that could result. We will surely have a Spider-Man Black, and Spider-Woman, and maybe even a Spider-Ham movie at some point, but this one will surely focus on Miles Morales, the hero of the first movie. They will eventually dilute the size of the first film and it will be a disappointment. But now, we want as many of these films as they will give us.

1. Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

This is the big, second half of the epic, lighting up the cliff changer (spoilers? Guess?) Thanos that destroys half of the universe. How did they all come back? Make they all come back? How do they take care of Thanos? And perhaps the most fascinating: which heroes, the original Avengers, are removed from the franchise? Is this for Captain America? Iron Man? Nick Fury? More than a decade of films have specifically led to this one. Anything that comes after will be a reaction to that. This is the most important to date, and perhaps the most important of all times.

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