WEDNESDAY, January 30, 2019 (HealthDay News) – For those who want to launch their smoking habit, go to Electronic cigarettes New research suggests that these products may offer a better chance of success than nicotine patches, lozenges or gums.

This discovery follows a small one – year study that followed about 120 British smokers enrolled in a national health service. smoking cessation program.

"Electronic cigarettes provide nicotine, which is important when someone is trying to stop smoking"Said the study's author, Dunja Przulj." The "cold turkey" without nicotine can make treatment difficult Nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Having some sort of nicotine replacement increases your chances of quitting, "she explained.

"In our study, smokers used the e-cigarette in the same way as other nicotine replacement treatments, and were asked to set a" day off "and to recommend that they use their e-cigarettes. cigarette regularly throughout the day and whenever they felt the need "Przulj added. "Everyone was encouraged to avoid smoking normal cigarettes."

In the end, the results of the study suggested that "e-cigarettes would almost double your chances of quitting smoking after one year compared to nicotine replacement. [products], "she reported.

Przulj is a health research psychologist with the Health and Lifestyle Research Unit at Queen Mary University in London.

For the roughly 15% of Americans who smoke, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved e-cigarettes as a way to quit.

But in practical terms, investigators have noted that more and more American smokers have opted for e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking than for FDA-approved treatments.

In the UK study group, 79 smokers in total were enrolled in an "e-cigarette group" and received a rechargeable electronic cigarette to use. The remaining 44 smokers received a three-month supply of any approved nicotine replacement.

In the end, the investigators found that almost 10% of the nicotine replacement group did not smoke traditional cigarettes a year later, but that number had almost doubled to 18% among those who used the cigarette. to stop smoking.

However, the study team acknowledged that previous research has shown that when nicotine replacement products are associated with prescription drugs pharmaceuticals – as the nicotine receptor blocker Chantix (varenicline) and or bupropion – the rates of abstinence of one year are identical or superior to the results of the e-cig.