(Fox News) – You could hear a hairpin falling like
President Donald Trump spoke in front of a crowded auditorium and
revealed every step of his economic plan behind the "Make America Great
Still "initiative.

"It's no secret that the average American is earn less today than before the 2008 recession"
said President Trump. "Americans are not stupid … they know
Something is really wrong when you have to work 40 hours a week
work, and sometimes even a second job, just to
the end of the month. Hard-working men and women are barely able to hold
their head out of the water. Something is wrong … Something is very wrong, "said Trump.

"But, you know, the reason is actually very simple: global elitists, a small group of billionaires who know how to make money very easily,
and they faked the system for themselves. Believe me when I say,
they will do everything possible to preserve these strategies from the
American workers, of the American people, who they would like
see rather indebted slave ".

"Well, guess what – I'm going to change all that!" Trump announced to a cheering crowd.

"Good citizens of the United States have not had this kind
financial opportunities since the California Gold Rush of 1849, and
never live again this same opportunity. Unfortunately, not all Americans
hear about this and, of those who do, VERY LITTLE will actually take
the steps necessary to change their lives financially. Now is the
It's time to act, "said Trump.

"The American public must understand and realize the incredible
potential that each of them must create wealth and a better lifestyle
for themselves and their families. We can and we will make America
GREAT AGAIN. But you will have to take steps to achieve it. And
Believe me, I know it's worth it! "Once again, the public
applauded when Mr. Trump explained his financial plan for America.

"It is no secret that I made a fortune in real estate and
television because these were the best opportunities available at
time. But times have changed. At present, an average American without
special skills and no investment can go out and start earn an income online today."

"The truth is that the average American can double or even triple,
their income today without making radical changes to their current
lifestyle, "said Trump.

"The financial strategies that the Global Elite know, they take
advantage of the very powerful and little-known opportunities that are
available on the Internet, namely small e-commerce businesses. "

Mr. Trump says the best opportunity available is a new program called Auto Home Profits
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companies that pay for their time, including simple tasks.

"Shelly Davis absolutely changes the world with her Auto Home Profits program "he said." Normally, rich people keep the secrets of their wealth for themselves. But Shelly, she found a incredible opportunityand she shares it with everyone. It's amazing. "

Trump did not hide his affection for Mrs. Davis. He has
has recently been renting her on social media for her efforts to teach
ordinary people how to create incredible wealth during their free time.

We investigated the claims of Mr. Trump and Ms. Davis,
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Ms. Davis selectively shared her program with a few
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Theresa Andrews, from the Ohio, 28, never thought of working online, as long as curiosity did not get the best and she ordered Auto Home Profits.
Before she knew it, she discovered her secret to overcoming the recession,
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I heard Theresa from a colleague last month and I decided
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interview, she told me her incredible story. "I'm actually doing
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A check that Theresa recently received using the Auto Home Profits program

Working online has been a financial boon for Theresa, who
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I asked her how she started her remarkable journey. "He
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some positions available at the time of writing this report,
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