A woman from the UK was in the right place at the right time when she went past her friend's house and gave birth with another woman's baby. Sherie-Anne Perry went to Lisa Lee's home after work and was about to leave when she was spotted by Lee's niece, Bianca Harley, who was at work.

"I was about to leave when she arrived in the car shouting for me to come and talk to her," said Perry, 28, at SWNS. "When I got to the car, I could see in front of Bianca that she was panicked. She said, "I do not have time to go to the hospital" and I could see the urinary urgency.

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Bianca Harley, 23, was going to the hospital with her partner, Byron Williams, when they realized they would not do it in time and were directed to Lee's home.

Perry, a close friend of the family, quietly brought Harley into the house and called the paramedics, who accompanied him throughout the delivery process, reported SWNS. Perry told the media that her adrenaline had started and she started working with the baby in Lee's room.

"It only took 14 minutes for the baby to come out, because that 's the time I spent on the phone at 999 hours," said Perry, a mother of four. a child, at the press station. "Not only was the umbilical cord stuck around the baby's neck, which had been relieved by some big pushes by Bianca at the end, but he was not breathing right away when he came out. He was lifeless and very blue – we were very worried and feared the worst. "


After about a minute, the baby started to cry and Perry wiped the mucus from his nose. The paramedics finally arrived and took the newborn and his mother to a nearby hospital. The baby, who was not named after SWNS, is Harley's fourth boy. Harley and Williams said they were relieved to have been helped by Perry and the paramedics.


"I had only done one ride to bring a hot meal to the family in order to make the night easier and I was about to go home," said Perry in an unexpected aftermath. events.