A young athlete nearly lost his life to a toothpick that he did not even know he had swallowed, a medical journal reported.

The almost three weeks tearing episode of the 18 year old young man was described by The New England Medical JournalAnd involved a toothpick 3 inches long in a sandwich that passed through the digestive tract of the teenager, but passed through the intestinal wall and pierced an artery.

Nobody saw him – despite blood tests and scans – until the doctors had operated on the young, deadly patient at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The boy's ordeal, described by the Good MedicalStarted when the teenager – described as a professional athlete who was on the road with his training team – developed a fever and pain in the right lower abdomen, went to the hospital. And was released after the doctors could not make a definitive diagnosis.

Two weeks later, with the return of pain and bloody stools – and a fever of 103 -, the teenager went to emergency in another city; this time, an MRI found nothing. He was sent back to his family]and two days later, was seen at the general mass in Boston, where doctors ordered a colonoscopy.

However, the adolescent's health condition was suddenly worsened and he was threatened with septic shock, the Times reported. When the doctors put it on the operating table, they found the problematic choice.

But its removal triggered a new set of life-threatening events, requiring several operations to fix it, the Times reported.

The young child finally told the doctors that he had been recalled shortly before getting sick, he had eaten a sandwich that was less appetizing – probably one that contained a toothpick.

"It's important to put these things in perspective," Dr. Fabian Scheid, a member of the general medical team at the Mass, told the Times, but conceded about the toothpicks: "I'm staying away from I do not offer them to any barbecue party guests. "

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