As we approach the Super Bowl – with the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams NFL players eat well during their training for the big game, but each player is different, said Leslie Bonci, a sports dietician with the Kansas City Chiefs.

"Many guys like PB & J. It's a comfortable food for them," Bonci said.

"Some guys take it with a glass of milk, as they did in elementary school … and it works like a fuel source," she said. "Some of them like to be a little more sophisticated or more sophisticated in their food choices, but by late afternoon, what are we going to have comfortable in the stomach when the stakes are high? it's really what we are looking for. "

Other foods that, according to Bonci, are popular among NFL players are yogurt, Greek or regular, alone or as perfect. smoothies typically made from fruits, possibly with added protein powder; Stirred with vegetables; eggs; and pasta.

Oatmeal is "really comforting because it is a comfortable food.They like it.Even the soups are excellent because they are liquid and food.This is a one stop shop she said, adding that chicken is also a popular source of protein.

Mike Minnis, Coordinator of Performance Nutrition and Deputy Force Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles — the winning team in the 2018 Super Bowl – stated in an email that it was essential to stay consistent with the food and meal choices before an important game.
"We recommend players not to eat" magic "food before the Super Bowl.The most important thing is consistency and try to stay on the same meal schedule they are used to, especially the week preceding the game, "said Minnis, a member of the Association of Dietitians of College and Professional Sport.

"At the Super Bowl, players have been training and playing for over 20 weeks, and pre-game recovery is crucial, and we want to ensure that athletes maintain their weight and refuel appropriately during the game. of the week before the match so they have a full tank at the whistle, "he said. "Most importantly, we would not want the athlete to eat a food that he has never had before, especially on match day."

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The only foods that Minnis would not recommend on the Super Bowl day would be those that are extremely high in fat or fiber, he said. "These foods can stay in your gut longer than others and can potentially cause unwanted gastrointestinal discomfort if they are consumed in excess."

The moment of a meal also remains important; Most players will eat about three hours before a game, Bonci said.

"A meal can take three hours in advance, but that does not mean that everyone eats it, "Bonci said.

"The neuralgic factor is there and many players simply do not have an appetite," she said. "Generally, the closer you get, the smaller the amount of food you want is reduced, so if someone wants to do something any liquid, like a smoothie, you can do it an hour before."

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Overall, each NFL player usually has an individualized diet and the amount of calories he or she consumes each day can vary.

"I think there's a misconception that all NFL players are on a 6,000-calorie diet, which is not necessarily true," said Minnis.

"One thing to consider is that the workload and the stimulus of practices and training in general change as the season progresses, so the athlete does not burn. as much as the number of calories that he was before at the training camp and at the beginning of the season, "he said. "In addition, in all groups of positions, you have a wide variety of body weights and compositions, and each has different goals in relation to each other."

A growing number of actors are also adopting vegan or vegan diets.

"The public assumes that these players are eating ridiculously large amounts of food – they are ridiculously large human beings, but they do not really do it," Bonci said.

"It's very individualized," she said. "Every Sunday – I love this movie – there are a lot of variables that you can not control.You can not control the weather.You can not always control your opponent, and you can not control how other people in your team, but you can still control your food and liquids. "