Costanza Genoese Zerbi, a resident of Long Beach, said her mother, 84-year-old Savina Genoese Zerbi, had been taken from the Regency Palms support center to the emergency room of the University Medical Center on 12 August. January, after making suicidal statements.

A few hours after Zerbi's arrival in the emergency room, her daughter said, the hospital put her in a taxi to Regency Palms, where she arrived around 1:15 pm on January 13th.

"It has horrified me," Constanza Zerbi said. "Putting my mother in a taxi is no different than a hospital that puts a minor child in a taxi."

"She is delusional, has hallucinations (and) is confused about the facts, she has the mental capacity of an infant," Zerbi said about her mother's mental state.

The security video shows the elderly woman dressed in a bathrobe and sandals and wearing a large envelope. She tries to open the entrance door, then hits on it several times before moving away.

Another security video shows her pacing in a dark alley before returning to the door. Her daughter stated that she was finally admitted to the assisted-care facility around 3 am We do not know who let her in.

Her daughter will meet with hospital officials

Costanza Zerbi said that she had filed a complaint with the California Department of Public Health against College Medical Center for sending her mother back to a taxi care center.

Savina Zerbi refused an offer of assistance for transportation and asked to be brought home, the hospital said, according to the subsidiary. He added that a family member and the care facility had been informed of his departure.

Costanza Zerbi said that her mother was particularly vulnerable because she had just been living in the assisted care facility and was having trouble adapting to her new life.

The reason for the complaint against the hospital is not to sue, but to raise awareness and to make sure that the hospital improves the way it treats patients like its mother, a- she declared.

"I would just like the hospital to work more responsibly," she said.

CNN called Regency Palms and the university medical center, but did not get an answer.

In a statement, the California Department of Public Health confirmed that he was investigating the incident, but said that details of any potential pending or ongoing cases would remain confidential until the investigation was completed. completed.

The university medical center defended his actions, saying he was complying with the regulations on patient discharge, but that he would discuss problems with Zerbi's family, KCAL said.

The girl had planned to meet the hospital officials on February 11, but she ruled against it. It does not appear that the hospital wants to discuss the incident in a way that will improve its practices, she said.

Zerbi said his mother was still at Regency Palms.

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Paul Vercammen from CNN contributed to this report.